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Our mission

SIW believes that insight into other cultures promotes respect and tolerance within society. Therefore, it is SIW’s mission to stimulate people to broaden their horizon. In order to achieve this mission, SIW brings volunteers into contact with different cultures. Through this cultural exchange SIW wants to increase the intercultural understanding, contribute to the volunteers’ personal growth and increase the interest of the volunteers in contributing to a better society.

How do we work?

Extensive knowledge network

SIW has facilitated and guided Dutch volunteers traveling abroad for more than 60 years. For this purpose SIW works with an international network, consisting of a large number of sister-organisations in more than 70 countries, united under the umbrella of The Alliance of European Volunteer Services  and CCIVS . Within this network, we send volunteers abroad to projects organised by our sister-organisations, as well as we organise projects in the Netherlands for international volunteers.

SIW is a not-for-profit organisation (ANBI); we work together with volunteers for volunteers. This way we can keep the costs low and allow the projects to be joined by anyone at an affordable price.

Responsible volunteer work

Responsible volunteer work is the number one priority of SIW. All the projects where vulnerable children take part in will not be facilitated, unless the volunteer is professionally trained and has work experience. Only then the volunteer can contribute locally with his/her knowledge. SIW acts in accordance with the directive from Better Care Network. Read more about our policy.

Our organisation

The organisation of SIW consists of about 70 volunteers. The organisation is divided in teams – according to the different project types within SIW – and guided by SIW’s board. The teams and the board are supported by the office workers and support groups such as publicity, trainers and IT.

"SIW aims to be an organisation where volunteers are incentivised to develop themselves by carrying tasks, which will contribute to a better society."

SIW Board


Statutory name
Stichting Internationale Werkkampen

Fiscal number

COC number

Account number
NL28 INGB 0000 0040 75

Board composition
Het bestuur van SIW bestaat momenteel uit:

  • Coen Wilms
  • Bob Tempelman
  • Peter Lutz
  • Hans van Dommele
    Board member
  • vacature vacature
    Board member
  • Joke Twigt
    Board member
  • Nahjé Fadiga
    Board member

Renumeration policy
SIW has two paid part-time employees working in the office. These staff members receive salary according to the Dutch Collective Agreement Welfare. SIW organisation’s volunteers (including board members) receive compensation for actual expenses incurred.

Annual reports
Annual report 2018
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Annual report 2016
Annual report 2015
Annual report 2014