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Privacy policy international volunteer projects

Our responsibility and the application of this privacy policy

When it comes to processing your personal data, SIW is the so-called ‘Controller’ within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means that SIW decides which personal data will be processed and with which purpose the data is processed. SIW is responsible for ensuring that your personal data is processed in a proper and careful manner in accordance with the GDPR. This privacy policy applies to all our services and agreements. By using our website or concluding an agreement, you agree to accept this privacy policy.

Which personal data does SIW process?

Personal data are all data that can provide information about an identifiable natural person. SIW uses and processes your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, bank details, project interests and data such as birth dates, passport numbers, emergency telephone numbers and, when necessary, medical or dietary data. SIW needs this information to contact you in order to be able to execute and fulfill the agreements made with you. SIW can also use this data to send you informational messages related to SIW.

What happens with your personal data?

Execute agreements

SIW processes this information in order to realize your participation in the project agreed with you. SIW provides this information to others when necessary for the execution of the agreement. SIW requires these persons to handle this information carefully and only to use it for the purpose for which SIW makes these available.


SIW likes to keep our customers, employees and those who have given their consent up to date. SIW can use the personal data for (electronic) newsletters.

Cookies statement

 In order to serve you well, this website makes us of cookies. Below we explain why and how.

What are cookies?

When you visit this website, cookies are being placed on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Cookies are small, simple pieces of text. They give us more information about how you visit our website, so that we can improve it and serve you better. Apart from this, cookies enable us to customize the information and special offers to your preferences.

What do we use cookies for?

 The website uses cookies to:

  • improve the use and functionalities of the website;
  • analyse how users make use of the website and line up statistics;
  • show personalized information and advertisements to users.


Analytical cookies collect data about the use of a website such as the number of visitors, the amount of time visitors spend on a webpage and error messages. We use Google Analytics (which collects anonymous data about the use of our website and lines up visitor statistics). You can find  more information by using the link: How Google uses data when you use sites or apps of our partners  


Marketing cookies ensure that a website can send personalized advertisements. The SIW website uses a so-called ‘Facebook Conversion Pixel’ (which monitors behaviour after seeing a Facebook advertisement). More information about how Facebook treats data can be read in the Facebook privacy statement.

 Web beacons are being used as well, images in e-mailings by Mailjet through which the behaviour of users can be analysed.

Refusing cookies

If you don’t accept cookies, you can refuse them when visiting our website. It is always possible to remove cookies afterwards by hand through your internet browser or to have them removed automatically when you end an internet session. You can also set up your internet browser in such a way that you receive a message when a cookie is being placed. You can also set up your browser in such a way that cookies cannot be placed. By the way, you can make normal use of the website then.

You have got a right to see your data and have them corrected or removed. Please refer to the information about privacy above. To avoid misuse we may ask you to adequately identify yourself then. When it is about perusal of personal data in relation to a cookie, you have to send a copy of the cookie involved. You can find this in the settings of your browser.

Security of personal data

SIW believes it is important that your data is safe. That is why SIW provides appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent the loss, misuse or theft of your personal data. The data is stored and protected with a password and the persons who work with data are bound to confidentiality by means of the confidentiality statement they have signed.

Storage period personal data

SIW does not store your personal data longer than necessary for the purpose of processing, however this can vary per situation. SIW uses the agreed travel period and aftercare and/or the statutory retention periods.
Your rights
You have the right to inspect the personal data processed by SIW and the right to correct this data or to have it removed. You also have the right to request SIW to transfer the digital data that SIW processes to a third party that you make known.
If you want to know which personal data SIW processes of you, you can make a written request for access.
In case of unexpected complaints about the processing of your personal data, SIW would like to hear from you to solve this with you. When both parties are not able to solve the complaint or problem, then you also have the right to file a complaint with the privacy guard, the Dutch Data Protection Authority. You can contact the Authority for this.

You can send your written requests or complaints to:
SIW International Volunteer Projects
Willemstraat 7
3511 RJ Utrecht