Dutch volunteer projects

This is where the Dutch volunteer projects take place

Social Project: Emmaus Haarzuilen

Projectcode: SIW-2103
Dates: 15 until 29 August 2021
Type of work: Festival, Sociaal

Peace Project: Refugee Centre Emmen

Projectcode: SIW-2101
Dates: 7 until 23 August 2021
Type of work: Cultuur, Sociaal, Vluchtelingen
Sustainable Development Goals: 10. Verminderde ongelijkheid, 16. Vrede en recht

Peace Project: Refugee Centre Wageningen

Projectcode: SIW-2102
Dates: 21 until 31 August 2021
Type of work: Cultuur, Sociaal, Vluchtelingen
Sustainable Development Goals: 10. Verminderde ongelijkheid, 16. Vrede en recht

How does it work?

1. When can I go?

The Dutch volunteer projects take place in July, August or September and last for two weeks.

2a. Apply to be a participant

You can apply for the Dutch volunteer projects by sending an email to info@siw.nl.

2b. Apply to be a project leader

As project leader you will have the opportunity to develop and improve your skills in organisation and leadership. This will not only help with your personal development but also with your professional skills, which you can add to your cv. SIW makes sure you will be well-prepared for the project. Prior to the project you will participate on an extended training for project leaders. Also during the project there is a SIW mentor present, who you can talk to regarding questions or uncertainties. All your costs during the project are reimbursed, including travelling costs. Being a project leader will not cost you anything.Through the application form on the left bottom you can sign up to the project leader role. After an introductory meeting you find out which project you will supervise.

3. Training days

SIW organises an intensive training weekend for the project leaders. During the weekend you will learn all about project management and follow workshops given by SIW trainers. In the workshops you will dive into certain subjects, like: group dynamics, intercultural exchange, leadership and conflict management. But also: How to prepare food for a big group? How to manage the project budget? In addition, you will also have plenty of time to meet the other supervisors and volunteer workers from SIW.Participation in the training weekend is for free.

4. Start your adventure!

In the summer months you will start your adventure as a participant or leader in one of the Dutch volunteer projects. During the project you will make international friends, you get to know yourself better, have unforgettable experiences and get to know The Netherlands from a different point of view.

5. During your project

The activities last for 6 hours per day, 5 days a week. In the evenings and weekends you are free and able to participate in the leisure-time activities, workshops or do something on your own.

6. End of your project

In the last day of the project you are required to complete the evaluation form for participants or leaders. The project leader will also follow an evaluation meeting with the Dutch Projects team from SIW.

7. Share your experience

Are you back from your project? We are curious about your adventures. Your experience is a source of inspiration for new participants and/or project leaders! Share your stories, the photos & videos, info@siw.nl or Facebook.

Apply to the project leader role