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Samen met 11 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 13 dagen naar een natuur en kunstproject.
Het project duurt van 18 juni t/m 1 juli.

Let op: naast het inschrijfgeld betaal je ter plekke nog een lokale bijdrage van € 250 (Euro).
Project Activities: Participants will be involved in the following outlined activities: – Mangrove trees re-planting; environmental conservation awareness through music, drumming, dancing and sports. Volunteers will be involved as well in language teaching to the children and young people to enhance their communication skills. Extra activities will be renovation and painting of the local school. Be flexible since more activities might be added based on the weather and number of volunteers enrolled in the project. Study part: Participants of this project will have an opportunity to experience life with locals in community. Various discussions and educational visits will be organized involving participants of the project, community members and visited places. The major topic will be Coastal Environmental Conservation. Please bring information from your home community for sharing.
Accommodation: Participants will be accommodated in the communal house located in the host community. Clean water and electricity will be available. Pay attention on the information sheet for things to bring with you. Food: Food will be provided for free at the project site. Participants with special dietary requirements should inform us well in advance. Participants are expected to help in preparation of the meals and. Note: Food will not be provided outside designated project area.
Location of the Project: Kibele is a village with a very small population in Central Part of Zanzibar. It is located about 15km from stone town and the place can be accessible by both public and private transport. It is a rural community close to the state University of Zanzibar, Tunguu and Kigongoni communities. Its isolation from the city makes it very quiet, relaxing and people can enjoy ever green coconut plantations, various spices without forgetting hospitality of the local people. Free time activities: The project is organized in a way that provides an opportunity for participants to utilize their free time by enjoying what the region offers in terms of cultural and natural attractions. The first week-end Participants will have an opportunity to explore Zanzibar historical, natural and cultural sites. These include museums, local markets, stone town, etc. The second week-end we will have an opportunity to enjoy wildlife and marine life. Jozani forest National Park, Blue safaris swimming, tour to small islands, variety of water sports, spice tour among many other options.
Project description: This project has been designed enhance environmental sustainability in answering the needs of preserving the environmental of Kibele. It has been reported that most of the coastal lines in Tanzania are in danger of erosion, distributed marine life habitats among many other problems as a result of cutting mangrove by local people and heavy force from the river flows. It is more described that; in the past many kinds of fish and shrimps are living there, but now since the condition of the mangrove forest is getting worse, it is quite difficult to find the species anymore. Fisherman also needs to go further to the ocean to fish and it means much work they need to do to earn money. Zanzibar coastal lines are one of the directed affected by global climate change among many of islands in the world. The end results of this project contribute to the preservation of natural diversity and sea shore from the erosion and marine life habitat.
Special Requirements: No special or particular expertise/skills required; however a potential Participant for this project should be flexible, open minded, interested in Nature, outdoor activities and hand-on activities. Language: The official language of this project is English and Kiswahili. You do not have to be fluent.
Extra Fee: Participation fee of €250 or equivalent Tanzanian shillings to be paid on arrival day. Participation fee does not cover the cost of medical/health services, all types of insurances, cost of transport to the project community after the orientation, relevant Visas or permits, airport drop off on departure date, pocket money, free/leisure activities and other personal expenses. However; participation fee does cover the cost of airport pickups on arrival, orientation on arrival, food and accommodation during the program and general running cost of the project.

Environmental/Conservation awareness





Soort werk

Cultuur, Kunst, Natuur





Aantal vrijwilligers

12 (4 mannen en 8 vrouwen)


18 t/m 99 jaar

Lokale bijdrage

€ 250 (Euro)



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