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Samen met 19 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 20 dagen naar een vluchtelingen en sociaalproject.
Het project duurt van 3 t/m 23 augustus.

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SUMMARY OF THE PROJECT The clandestine or irregular migration movements have taken an unseen dimension nowadays. During the crossing to Europe most of the migrants die in the sinking of their makeshift boats. Despite this present state, many young Africans still dream of leaving their countries, heading for the Occident. Having made this observation ASTOVOT initiates a campaign this summer in Kpalimé to fight irregular immigration. ASTOVOT tries to contribute to the stop of this movement generally in Africa but also particularly in Togo via this workcamp. In this way, we will lead campaigns to heighten awareness and discourage eventual candidates to this kind of immigration. The units will be shaped by exchanges with the young people and information rounds around the consequences of clandestine immigration. AIM OF THE WORKCAMP The aim is to raise awareness among young pupils, students and unemployed graduates towards the journey and the hard life conditions of migrants in irregular situations in their countries of destination. The often-chosen way of migration shouldn’t be an opportunity or a chance but also as a source of danger and vulnerability. WORK TO DO The implementation of the project consists in researches, in realising and sharing contents that show the stories of migrants and describe the violence exerted by people smugglers or lived during their adventures. – Do research and organise debates between young people; – The volunteers will create collections of photos, documentaries and witness reports showing the dangers experienced by migrants who decided to cross the Mediterranean Sea or the desert; – You will project photos, documentary films and witness reports in different public places in Kpalimé to attend a high number of citizens; – Organise radio broadcasts in the different local radio stations of Kpalimé; – Realise posters for the streets; – Produce and show sketches to sensitize the population; – The volunteers will create campaigns on social media (e.g.: Facebook).
ACCOMMODATION The housing conditions are generally rudimental. The volunteers will be accommodated together in a single house with several bedrooms (usually 2 to 4 rooms). They will reside near the project site. Volunteers will sleep on mats made out of plastics or straw. But they can buy or bring along small airbeds or little floor-mats, and a mosquito net… In addition to the project activities, the volunteers can organize rides, meetings with local communities, parties and excursions in the surrounding villages. NB: Internet access and Electricity are limited according to areas of the project. FOOD Volunteers will cook and eat together their meals. In the kitchen, they will use the local products. There are many various vegetables and fruits in location, so vegetarian and vegan diets can be continued. NB: Clean drinking water available.
Located approximately 120 km from Lomé, capital of Togo, the town of Kpalimé is a dream location for nature lovers and hikers looking for beautiful mountain landscape, natural waterfalls and tropical flora. With about approximately 105,000 inhabitants, Kpalimé is a touristic town in the Plateaux region. There are many artisanal workshops and retail outlets such as wood sculpture, weaving, wickerwork, decorated calabashes, batiks, painting, pottery, ceramics and mounted butterflies. In addition to the public and administrative offices, the town has a cathedral, a scientific college, and a post-office, as well as several banks, medical centers, pharmacies, cyber-cafés and petrol stations. Kpalimé receives many visitors especially in summer since the local population is very hospitable.
ASTOVOT is an educational, apolitical, non-profit association, created in 1957. It is recognized as an association of young volunteers and as an NGO. Our goal is to foster and promote local development and the ideas of the International Solidarity. ASTOVOT enables a flow of ideas through International and intercultural exchanges in order to arouse the mutual comprehension and the peace promotion.
Due to the relevance of this project and as an answer to the recurrent questions of immigration in socio-political and economic debates, a support of the volunteers is highly needed. This needs a mobilisation of technical, human, and financial aid for the realisation of this project. We kindly ask the interested volunteers to mobilise little funds so that we can lend the necessary logistics (projectors, chairs, acoustic, etc.). The volunteers can also collect already at home enough tools and pedagogic kits for the sensitization (documentaries, posters, text documents, etc.).

Information and Sensitizing Campaign Concerning Irregular Immigration of Young People




Soort werk






Aantal vrijwilligers

20 (10 mannen en 10 vrouwen)


18 t/m 99 jaar

Lokale bijdrage

€ 200



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