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Samen met 11 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 13 dagen naar een kinderen en cultuurproject.
Het project duurt van 15 t/m 28 september.

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Let op: naast het inschrijfgeld betaal je ter plekke nog een lokale bijdrage van EUR 250.
Activities:Volunteers will be involved in a good number of activities to achieve the desired objectives of this project. This includes:- Social activities for children: Organize social activities for Children in the community (6-13 years) after schools hours. E.g. sports, games, support their academic development, language, social skills, arts, craft, coloring, music etc. Collecting stories: Dreams of Children; who do they want become in future, why and how they planning to be there, possible barriers etc. Inspiring: To organize activities which will give the kids power and courage to move forward; this could be through playing roles of the position they would like to be, talent shows, listen or watching successful stories from the volunteers, community members or through videos. Dream stories record: Collect stories and photos of the kids with their dreams to be share by their parents and school to support the kids to realize their life wishes through various social and academic initiatives.
Accommodation: Volunteers will be accommodated at the Youth accommodation in the community. Basic accommodation facilities will be provided. Expect to share rooms with or other volunteers from the same or other projects. (No mix of different sex in the rooms). Volunteers’ relatives and friends can visit or staying over upon special approval. Bring with you; Mosquito net, Bed sheets (at least 2 pieces) and pillow if you prefer one, Towels, Rubber mattress and Mosquito repellent Food:Food will be provided only at the house for the entire period of the project. Volunteers should expect to have three meals a day. The house will have a permanent kitchen staff, however- volunteers are expected to provide hand in meals shopping, preparation and dish washing. Vegetarian meals will be available.
Location: This will be a great opportunity to be outside city life. Mbande is located about 35km South of Dar es Salaam city center. Although urbanization process is going fast, this community still enjoys some natural environment including landscape, vegetation, some wild animal (Monkeys, rabbits, and bush babies) and birds. Leisure activities: This is a perfect location to take an advantage of what the nature offers for our free time. We have a possibility to spend time in South beach, Overnight in Bagamoyo town (Swimming, historical site see and eco-tourism), Overnight in Mikumi National Park (2 days, one night safari viewing animals as well Masai cultural tourism, Selous game reserve (Wild life safari including camping safari, walking safari among many other options).
Description of the Project: When a child is born, a dream is born. Children come with various gifts for their lives, their parents, community and the world. However due to various social, cultural and economic factors not all children manage to arrive at the desired destinations. Developing urban centers brings children from various social and economic backgrounds living and sharing. In this regard; it is very easy for children to adapt to another culture or having their dream crushed. Some Children has been negatively or positively affected by family relations, media, teachers’ environment around them etc. Dreaming Child is project aiming to discover and explore children’s dreams and how they can possibly be supported to realize their full potential. The project will include four aspects:- Explore: Exploring various dreams among the children (Some kids want to be doctors, farmers, politicians etc. Understanding: Try to understand factors associated with their dreams, are they real, how they are walking in their dreams etc. Challenge: what challenges or limitation are they facing in realizing their dreams Act: Possible support and actions required from Parents, Teachers and others in supporting the children to rich at their higher point.
Special conditions: Potential volunteers for this project shall be:-Open minded; Flexible; Easy to adapt to other cultures; Interested and motivated to work with Children, one loves outdoor activities and working under less supervision. Please note that, you will have less work in morning hours and more busy in the afternoon due to the nature of this project.
The participation fee for this project is €250 (EURO) or equivalent Tanzanian shillings. This fee is different from the amount paid to the sponsoring/sending organisation during your application process.Volunteer is required to transfer the participation fee to UVIKIUTA Bank account at least seven working days before the project start.

Dreaming Child




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Aantal vrijwilligers

12 (5 mannen en 7 vrouwen)


17 t/m 99 jaar

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€ 250


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