Nyamira Missionaries Cultural Development (NMCD

Nyamira Missionaries Cultural Development (NMCD

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Soort werk
Cultuur, Handarbeid, Kunst
13 t/m 30 augustus
Aantal deelnemers
20 (8 mannen en 12 vrouwen)

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Manual work and Intercultural activities:
• Weaving
• Art work
• Women training on self-awareness and confidence building
• Women training on entrepreneurship skills and financial management
• Meetings and media campaign on women empowerment in leadership
• Home visits and topical discussion with the local people

• The host community will provide a house to accommodate the volunteers with very basic living conditions.
• Volunteers have an obligation to climb down the level of the people with the aim of exposure to development challenges.
• KVDA will provide foodstuffs and volunteers will cook their own meals in turns.
• Water is available from springs and it is recommended that drinking water should be boiled or medicated.
• Mineral water available at supermarkets is also recommended.
• There is electricity connection at the project and so the volunteers can use electric appliances.

KVDA offers educational tours to spectacular sites including the renowned Maasai Mara Game Reserve at separate fees. Please contact us for specific tour information.

To be the best cultural performers and handicraft makers in Kenya
To create an environment where personal and cultural change that support each other in the context of community.
1. To establish a presence of a successful suppler of soapstone carvings, clay and wooden artifacts locally and internationally.
2. To gain a substantial market share of the artifacts and cultural performance and tourist centre at local and international level.
3. To run orphanage home to cater for orphans and children from poor families for their shelter, food and education.
4. To engage into community development for empowering women and youth for them to be self-reliant in generating income and being in touch with socio-political realities in the country and at international level.
5. To engage into voluntary services at local and international level with interested organizations who have common objectives with our organizations to improves living standards of human beings across the world.
Nyamira missionaries was founded and registered with social development in 2002 in Kenya.
The organization is located at Nyaramba -Nyamira County in South Nyanza Region of Kenya.
The organization consists of 137 members consisting men, women, youth who vary the age of 18 years to even 80 years. The organization has the office at Nyaramba market in Nyamira county about 10 km from Nyamira town on way to Ikonge town ship center.
The organization is managed is managed by executive committee that consists of chairperson, vice chairperson, the secretary, Vice Secretary, Treasurer and 5 members.

What to carry?
This is outlined in the detailed info sheet and includes, sleeping bag and mat, toiletries, torch/flashlight, sandals, mosquito net, national flag from your country, among others
These are usually symbolic gestures to enhance the solidarity of volunteers and the hosting community. Kindly contact KVDA for details in case you are willing to support a worthy cause in the community either by offering a donation or long-term intervention on the project.

THEME: Entrepreneurship skills training

-To train women on entrepreneurship skills and financial management
-To empower men, women and community leaders on leadership
-To build capacity of women on life skills and self-confidence
-Women training on self-awareness and confidence building
-Women training on entrepreneurship skills and financial management
-Meetings and media campaign on women empowerment in leadership
Activity 1: Young women aged 18 - 35
Activity 2: Young women aged 18 - 35
Activity 3: Young women aged 18 – 35
- Men aged 18-35
- Community leaders 35+
METHODS: Energizers, group discussions, group presentations, audio, videos, site visits, testimonies
Objective 1:
a) Number of women have increased knowledge on entrepreneurship skills and financial management;
b) Number of women have started their own business
Objective 2:
a) number of women and man having skills on leadership;
b) number of women competing for leadership positions;
c) number of women who are participating in community meeting
Objective 3:
a) number of speeches to women in the community;
b) number of women taking local leadership roles in the community


Nyamira Missionaries Cultural Development (NMCD




Soort werk

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Aantal vrijwilligers

20 (8 mannen en 12 vrouwen)


18 t/m 100 jaar

Lokale bijdrage

€ 300


Het inschrijfgeld voor dit project bedraagt € 295, exclusief € 50 studentenkorting.
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