Challenge traditional notions of Africa

Challenge traditional notions of Africa

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11 juli t/m 1 augustus
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16 (8 mannen en 8 vrouwen)

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Global Summer Course in Kenya Make friends for life, learn about the world and get an insight into Kenya’s culture, nature and people. The global summer course takes place in the heart of the African savannah where you will live in a Kenyan village. During the course you will learn about culture, poverty, sustainability and much more in a Kenyan context. You might learn that the Kenyan society, culture and people are much more complex than the general story about Africa often told in the media. Together with other young people you will get amazing experiences such as safaris, bonfires under the stars and visits to Masai groups. Interesting and inspiring classes You will get to experience the Kenyan culture at first hand. Therefore, most of the classes also takes place on exciting excursions and activities both at the Global Platform, and in the local area around the global platform in Nanyuki and in Nairobi during the last three days of the course. You will learn about some of the local ethnic groups whom we will visit, and you might want to try out some of the Swahili that you will learn during the course. You will also get practical experience with some of the elements of the Kenyan culture when we will cook together with local families and when the Masai people will teach us how to dance. The classes will also shed light on why so many people are living in poverty and you will get the chance to get a look behind the often-negative narratives about Africa, when we visit the slum and talk with the residents. We will also learn about the effects of climate change in Kenya. Climate change creates droughts and water shortages, and during the course we will meet some of the innovators who have come up with smart ideas to improve rural life in light of climate change. Our experienced trainers will encourage discussions and debates about how we can be part of the change for a more positive future, and you might gain a whole new perspective on several social issues. Cross-cultural experiences An important part of the course is the cultural meeting with the Kenyan people. You might get a new perspective on the Kenyan culture through discussions, excursions and presentations with Kenyans. What does ”the good life” mean in Kenya? What are our dreams and hopes for the future? You can meet people and have a chat when we spend the night in a local village or at the girls’ school right next to the global platform. We will also discuss some of the more complex and difficult issues in the Kenyan society through forum theatre with young Kenyans in the nearest town, Nanyuki. Meeting people from a different culture and background might give you a new perspective on the world. The programme The global course in Kenya is a combination of global insights, community, engagement, activities and learning. The Kenyan culture might surprise you, give you new perspectives on life and society and together with the talented trainers you will get amazing experiences far from the classroom. You will meet many interesting people who live a completely different life than what you might be familiar with. We will consider and discuss our notions of ”Africa” and ask, if we in spite of different conditions might have the same dreams and hopes for our lives? In addition to the classes on the global platform, we will also go on safari, learn Masai dance, participate in forum theatre, enjoy the sun, experience the African savannah where the global platform is located, and much more. The course will be a chance to spend your holiday with amazing experiences while learning new things. The course will start with an introduction on the 9th of July where you will participate online. Here you will get prepared for your stay in Kenya. Week 1: Culture and everyday life in Kenya - Introduction to the global platform, the local area and the culture - Learn a bit of Swahili - Learn about the local ethnic groups and go on an excursion to visit local ethnic groups - Teambuilding and city tour in Nanyuki - Workshop on notions about “Africa” and cultural understanding - Morning sport, visit to the church (voluntary) and movies in the evening Week 2: Poverty, gender and marginalisation - Focus on poverty with visit to the slum and rural areas - Meet local sex workers and discuss marginalisation and HIV/AIDS - Learn about gender issues and visit to a local women’s group - Dancing lessons with Masai people - Forum theatre with Kenyan youth and discussion of social issues - Cooking with local family - Safari Week 3: Sustainability and trip to Nairobi - Trip to local clothes market and Mitumba Art centre, where second hand clothes is re-designed - Two-days excursion to village, where the residents work with climate friendly and sustainable agriculture - Excursion to Nairobi with visit to the Kibera slum - See the giraffes at Nairobi’s giraffe hospital - Farewell dinner at Ethiopian restaurant NB: The programme is subject to change. Trainers Sungu Oyoo: My name is Sungu, and I have been teaching at the global platform during the last three years. I will be one of the trainers at the course. I have studied economics at Nairobi University, and today I work for creating social change and really enjoy providing students at the course more knowledge on Kenya. I really appreciate the special atmosphere of openness, curiosity and fun at the courses on the platform. Jessie K. Githigia: I am the Swahili teacher and have many years of experience from the Kenyan education system as a teacher and as a school manager. You will learn basic Swahili, which is really useful in Kenya. I have been living in Nanyuki for a long time and I will join you on many of the excursions during the course.

Accommodatie en maaltijden

The course will take place at a training centre which we call a “Global Platform”. The global platform is located on the savannah half an hour from the nearest town Nanyuki. On the roads in the area you will meet zebras, baboons and camels and you can, together with the other participants, experience the sunrise over Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa. We will sleep in dorms at the global platform where we will also share all our meals and have all the classes, when we are not on excursions in the area. We will have three meals a day and you will get to try the local Kenyan food. The global platform is located right next to a girls’ school, so you might get to meet and spend time with some of the girls. There will also be another youth course running at the platform, while you are there, so there will be good chances for meeting young people and sharing experiences.

Locatie en vrije tijd

In your free time you can go hiking, running or work out in the area around the global platform. You can also relax in the hammocks, play cards or football in the small yard, visit the town of Nanyuki and visit restaurants, bars or the market. On weekends you can go on longer trips, and perhaps try climbing the nearby Mount Kenya. There are many opportunities in the area, such as cycling safaris and water rafting!


MS Denmark has a long history of sending volunteers, organising work camps and global courses. We are part of ActionAid, and we fight against inequality by supporting marginalised people in fighting for their rights and organising to break the structures which holds them back in poverty. We also organise and facilitate cultural meetings as we believe this can bring about understanding, respect and international solidarity.


The extra fee of the camp includes: - Accommodation and food all days (three meals a day) - Induction course the 9th of July (online) - All workshops, excursions and project visits as planned in the program - All local transportation - Local trainer following the group during the whole program - Access to 24 hours emergency phone The fee does NOT include: - Travel insurance Important information about transportation; When confirming your participation on the camp, we will make sure to provide you with detailed instructions on where and when to meet the group. Please don’t buy any flight tickets or travel insurance etc. before your participation is confirmed by us. Please note that it is of your own responsibility to buy a suitable travel insurance.


Challenge traditional notions of Africa




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16 (8 mannen en 8 vrouwen)


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