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Samen met 13 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 13 dagen naar een landbouw en onderwijsproject.
Het project duurt van 1 t/m 14 augustus.

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Let op: naast het inschrijfgeld betaal je ter plekke nog een lokale bijdrage van Rp 3100000.  (Ca. € 186)
There are two activities: 1. Physical work (farming, helping garbage management, and maintaining local library) 2. Non-physical work (language class, organize an environment educational workshop, art and storytelling class)
Volunteer house. . Volunteers will share together sleeping space separately between females and males. No bed. Need sleeping bag. Sharing bathroom. Self cooking by the volunteers. Volunteers will make common rules & daily teams for their collective living group.
Suntenjaya Village, Bandung Region. Village and hill view
Batu Loceng Sub-Village is part of Suntenjaya Village, Lembang Municipality, Bandung Regency. Most ofthe populations are living as coffee farmers, vegetables farmer, anddairy cow breeder. Batu Loceng village has beautiful natural scenery that became as a potential to become a tourism village. It has its own characteristic of nature, culture, traditional music and martial art. The aim of tourism village is to develop local potential such culture, local people, agriculture, environment, and local history. The participation of local people is the most important thing in developing the tourism village.
Strong motivation and interest in environment conservation & organic farming.
Be ready with extreme changing weather.

Batuloceng Agriculture




Soort werk






Aantal vrijwilligers

18 t/m 70 jaar

Lokale bijdrage

Rp 3100000 (Indonesische roepia)


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