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Samen met 9 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 9 dagen naar een cultuur en kinderenproject.
Het project duurt van 3 t/m 12 augustus.

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Participants will organize the youth camp for the local youth summer camp. The sessions in the projects are quite open to participants although there will be various and exciting activities in the river, mountains and play ground. Therefore, participants are required to bring any ideas and activities to make the programs together. The project site has various equipment and facilities related with outdoor and indoor activities such as music instrument and sports. Participants are required to like to interaction with youth.
In the youth center / Meals are provided
Yeongwol, Gangwon-do / Yeongwol Bus Terminal * Leisure Activities: Visiting historical places and exploring caves around
Yeongwol is the cleanest and nature-oriented province in Korea. It is about 180km away from Seoul to east bound. However, it is a bit isolated thanks to mountains and rivers around. Therefore, young people have rare opportunities to experience different cultures from outside and abroad. This project is held in cooperation with the Yeongwol Youth Center which has various indoor and outdoor facilities.
Interest in outdoor activities, Materials to show your culture



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