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Samen met 7 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 9 dagen naar een natuur en onderwijsproject.
Het project duurt van 15 t/m 24 maart.

Volunteers will do various kinds of work such as maintenance of the Mt. Sanbe (cutting down trees and converting into chips), cutting grass in the local mountain to conserve biodiversity, visiting kinder garden and community center to organize classes for international interact, playing sports with youths who are isolated from regular society, cleaning a river, etc.
Public house where OGW's office is in. Meals will be cooked by volunteers by turns.
Oda city, Shimane prefecture. About 250 km north west of Osaka. Near the Sea of Japan
This workcamp has been organized with Organization of Green and Water (OGW) since 2007. OGW was established in 1992 to advocate the importance of prairies and forests in our ecosystem. Iwami Ginzan, a silver mine, was registered as a World Heritage site in 2007. However, the recent lack of maintenance of satoyama forests has caused the unwanted spread of bamboo forests which could destroy stone walls and degrade the scenery. To revitalize the whole city, they are not only working for tangible side such as maintenance of the mine, but also they contribute intangible aspects such as supporting mentally-challenged local youth, environmental and international exchange education at elementary school, etc.
Interest in nature conservation.
Other activities: Visiting the historical sites, exchange party, sports, hot spring, Matsue castle

Oda 1 (Shimane)




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18 t/m 99 jaar


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