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Zet je in voor een groepsproject in Taiwan. Dit project vindt plaats van 29 juli t/m 11 augustus en biedt ruimte aan 12 deelnemers in de leeftijd van 18 t/m 40 jaar. Als vrijwilliger zal je werkzaamheden gaan uitvoeren gericht op natuur.

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ABOUT LIOUGUEISince the devastation brought by Typhoon Morakot in 2009, the community Liouguei (Liouguei) has been moving on its way towards reconstruction and recovery. The local has made several attempts, including the establishment of Liouguei International Volunteers Camp in 2013. By holding the volunteers camp here at Liouguei, we hope to bring in energy and perspective from the outside, and at the same time imprinting the culture and characteristics of Liouguei on the memory of the volunteers involved.THE SITUATION WE FACEBecause of the aftermath of the Morakot disaster, the problem of outward emigration in Liouguei became even more severe. Several had left for work opportunities since local tourism industry took a hard hit, and most of the local youth are unwilling to stay in their hometown for education. Thus, through the volunteer camps, we try to convey messages to the younger generation that their hometown has a legacy to pass on and can do something for them too. Fortunately, previous camps did bring changes to the community. Some local youth had made the decision of going abroad; some are still in contact with foreign volunteers. There was even a case of cross-nation marriages stimulated by the campNOWADAYS C WE WANT YOUAfter ten years of recovery and rebuilding, 2019 is a very important year for LiougueiU s local community, thus we want to invite you to come and live in Liouguei for two weeks. During the camp, we will be providing introductions on Liouguei, from local industries to the eco-system. By the end of the camp, we will be arranging group sharing for you to share your experience throughout the camp.Aims1-Explore the new look in local community by international volunteerU s vision.2-Building the confidence and cohesiveness for people who living in Liouguei.3-Invite young people come back to hometown, and join the local activities.WWe would like to show you the butterfly conservation, tea industry and fruit in Liouguei. We have special variety of butterflies with natural environment. Tea ceremony and fruit is popular feature at here. The most important thing that we hope volunteer enjoy living with countryside, and interest in learning different culture and people.

Volunteers will stay in local guest house with divided into BoysU room and girlsU room. which name is iaG65533;216;203;65533; 65533;231;194; I-i(it means the Camping Area full of sun shine, green land and pure water). DonU t need to bring sleeping bag. Volunteers have to cook the dinner every day by group, and ingredient will be offered by local host except free day.

iaG65533;216;203;65533; 65533;231;194; I-i No.305-2, Heping Rd., Liugui Dist., Kaohsiung City 844, TaiwanVolunteers will stay at Liouguei District; it is located in the northeast side of Kaohsiung City and is 72km away from Kaohsiung International Airport. There are 12 villages in Liouguei district, like Shin-Fa( and 65533;194;(l), Lau-Nnung( and 199;N65533;a), Bau-Lai(s65533;), and others. And our BnB is at Shin-Fa.Google Map: iaG65533;216;203;65533; 65533;231;194; I-iNo.305-2, Heping Rd., Liugui Dist., Kaohsiung City 844, Taiwanhttps://goo.gl/maps/uk7rcTkpDKT2Leisure Activities:Bau-Lai hot spring (if you want during summer ii), Kaohsiung Harbor and aboriginal rural life.

Hsin Fa Community Development Assocition

1-We research people who are interesting in community development and enjoy natural that not affair of little wild insects.2-Please share with us, about special food in your country. You can bring the cookbook or ingredients. Or anything you want to share with other foreigner.3-With bike-riding skill.4-Open your mind to enjoy the local life, you will gain a lot from the process.

1-We research people who are interesting in community development and enjoy natural that not affair of little wild insects. 2-Please share with us, about special food in your country. You can bring th






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Aantal vrijwilligers

12 (6 mannen en 6 vrouwen)


18 t/m 40 jaar



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