Japan | Landbouw en handarbeid

Steek je handen uit de mouwen tijdens een groepsproject in Japan. Dit project vindt plaats van 20 februari t/m 4 maart en biedt ruimte aan 5 deelnemers in de leeftijd van 16 t/m 99 jaar. Jouw werkzaamheden richten zich op landbouw.

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Visit to several village in Himi city and support the local people. For example, Mushroom cultivation (main), making Korean pickled vegetable, helping organic farmers, maintaining the bamboo forest, making dried potato, selling local foods, and snow removing work. Volunteers are responsible for a variety of work throughout Himi city and are expected to have a ripple effect on the community through long-term stays.

The traditional house. Simple shower room. Clean toilet. Winter Sleeping bag is needed! Food will be cooked by volunteers. Wi-Fi and internet are nothing.

Himi City is located in the northwestern part of Toyama Prefecture. There are many mountainous areas and agriculture is one of main industry. Toyama Bay is good point for fishing, fresh fish. Tateyama mountain range is a spectacular view. You can also enjoy hot springs.
Leisure:Exchange parties with local people, enjoy Japanese hot spring etc.

This workcamp will be organized for the first time together with “Himi Satoyama Club”, a collaborative organization, which coordinate the local village experiences and farm cultivation in mountain-side areas in Himi City. Himi City has many special products and local resources, but population outflow and rapid depopulation. Local people feel difficult to keep their local industry and community activities only with old villager. Regional coordinators have aim for diversification of primary industry. Volunteers need to explore the possibilities of “local empowerment” and “exchange between residents and young people in Japan and international country”.

Best practice to revive depopulated areas in each country and their networking. Bring some info!






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Aantal vrijwilligers



16 t/m 99 jaar


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