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Steek je handen uit de mouwen tijdens een groepsproject in Japan. Dit project vindt plaats van 22 t/m 28 juli en biedt ruimte aan 16 deelnemers in de leeftijd van 16 t/m 99 jaar. Jouw werkzaamheden richten zich op archeologie.

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Let op: naast het inschrijfgeld betaal je ter plekke nog een lokale bijdrage van ¥ 10000.  (Ca. € 82)

Volunteer will help to 1) maintain the old houses (cleaning up, drying many sleeping mats, mixing clay, straw and water, etc.), 2) do farming (weeding in the green tea field that was abandon, etc.) and 3) do other community work (e.g., construction, chopping woods, trail maintenance). Children sometimes work with adults and other times play in the nature (river, etc.) by the assistance of some parents (by turns) and supporting vols.

A few rooms of the traditional renovated house! Meals will be cooked by turns. Sleeping bag is not necessary. Simple shower facilities. Clean toilets. You can see how the village looks like at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzGZvho8fVQ

200 km north east of Osaka. Katsuyama is an agricultural city and famous for dinosaurs discovery. Ohara village is located at 500 m a.s.l. and surrounded by the mountains with very rich nature (e.g., the spring water is drinkable and very tasty!).
Leisure:Exchange parties, Excursion on a free day including the famous Dinosaurs Museum and its experience program of fossil excavation, etc.

This workcamp has been organized with Ohara Eco Project (OEP) in cooperation with Katsuyama city government since 2009. There were 600 inhabitants in Ohara village with 90 houses 100 years ago, but now only 1 elder! OEP was founded by the local people in 2006 and has rehabilitated 7 houses of cultural heritage. They maintain and revive the trails and fields, organize the workcamps with NICE and run various eco tour, so got the best prize in the award of Creating Home Town by the national government in 2016! The family workcamp started since 2013 (President of NICE keeps joining as a leader with his kids) and hosted a lot of families from Japan, Asia, Europe and Americas with great success.

Only families (Children should be 6-12 years old) can join this program. Basically, up to 4 persons (2 adults) per family. High motivation to work and cooperate. Respect to the local culture and way of the organization! Speaking Japanese language is welcomed!


Katsuyama 1(Fukui)




Soort werk






Aantal vrijwilligers



16 t/m 99 jaar

Lokale bijdrage

¥ 10000 (Japanse yen)


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