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Samen met 4 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 11 dagen naar een natuurproject.
Het project duurt van 20 t/m 31 augustus.

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The missions will take place in 3 different sites: 1) The Pochie pond, you will have to maintain the riparian forest and cut the willows into a pollard. 2) The Vaux-les-Palameix marsh, the missions consist in the reopening of wetlands by cutting the bushy willows, digging and upkeeping the pond, creating new habitats favorable to wildlife, build cottages for small land mammals. 3) The Genicourt quary, you will have to upkeep the site for its reopening!
Volunteers will be welcomed at The Permanent Center for Environmental Initiatives of Meuse. They will be housed and fed in the House of Arsen.
Meuse is a department located in the northeast of France, in the region Grand-Est. The department is named after the River Meuse that passes from South to North. We will alternate working days and free time. You will be able to assist to different activites and discovery of the beautiful and wild region!
This project is led by The Permanent Center for Environmental Initiatives of Meuse (CPIE of Meuse) located in Bonzée, in the Meuse department. The Permanent Center for Environmental Initiatives of Meuse, is an association working in different fields related to the Environment since 1976: environmental education, environment and species biodiversity, territories' sustainable development. The work will consist in the reorganisation, maintenance and reopening of wetlands. The international volunteers will work with other 10 local volunteers

Between ponds and wildlife




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Aantal vrijwilligers

5 (2 mannen en 3 vrouwen)


18 t/m 30 jaar



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