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Samen met 6 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 10 dagen naar een constructie en constructieproject.
Het project duurt van 13 t/m 23 juli.

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Installation of defensive elements of Stolpitskaya fortress – wooden fence, gates, forest block, trench digging, construction of earthen shaft. All elements are built from logs, they must be brought to the working site – this is a hard physical work
Hotel of the park (simple accommodation), toilets and shower inside. Lake Lenivoye nearby. Cooking in turns in the summer kitchen.
Visiting the famous spiritual centers of Russia – monasteries, the unique Town of Devil, an excursion to the Obolensky Manor, visitor centers and museums of the national park, master classes in traditional crafts.
National park Ugra excels at combination of nature and cultural-historical resources which stands out Ugra among other parks in Centra Russia region. Ugra National park territory has more than 200 tourist sights that are situated betwen picturesque forests, meadows, Ugra and Zhizdra rivers. Ugra river is a very historical spot where the Golden Horde retreated. The dense broadleaved forests of Zhizdra were natural shield wall protecting Moscow kingdom from attacks of steppe tribes. Going to Ugra national park you will visit to not only nature sights of Kaluzhskaya region but historical memorials. It is a famous Optyna Pustin monastery, Shamordinskiy monastery, Chertovo Gorodische (Town of Deavil), Obolenskiye manor, defensive fortresses and other ones.
Be ready for physically demanding work





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7 (4 mannen en 3 vrouwen)


18 t/m 99 jaar


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