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Samen met 11 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 12 dagen naar een kinderen en sociaalproject.
Het project duurt van 2 t/m 14 juli.

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The volunteers will organize and lead different activities for the residents (adults and children): sport, handicraft and art workshops, cooking, visits, etc. At the beginning of the project, a planning of activities will be set up by the group and everyone will be able to propose activities in which he/she feels at ease.
Volunteers will sleep in one of the rooms of the center. The comfort is very basic.
The center “Le Relais du Monde” is located, 300 meters from the Natoye train station, in a 10 ha domain. Natoye is a village located near Namur.
The Red-Cross center of Natoye « Le Relais du Monde » is an open center for asylum-seekers of various origins. The residents of the center benefit from social and material assistance and medical care during the waiting period of their application for asylum (in order to be recognized as a refugee). The center has the capacity to host up to 250 people, but following a decrease in the flow of migrants at the global and European level and the increasingly restrictive migration policies, the capacity of the center has been reduced. Today the center welcomes 198 people. The majority of them are families but also isolated men. The center welcomes also a few unaccompanied minors and isolated women. Residents mainly come from Afghanistan, Iraq, Kirghizstan, Syria but also Kosovo and Guinea.
20 years old min.A motivation letter is required. To enjoy working in teams. Volunteers with experience with kids and/or creative volunteers are particularly welcome. For your information, the budget granted to the Centers for Asylum Seekers was drastically reduced in 2014. Volunteers are then encouraged to realize activities at a lower cost and those who want are welcome to bring material.
Not accessible to wheelchairs. The budget for the food is very restricted for the resident, this aspect can be an issue for some volunteers (not very various and delicious). Please take some food with you if you think it can be a problem.

Entertainment in Asylum Seekers Centre in Natoye


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