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Samen met 11 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 13 dagen naar een constructie en erfgoedproject.
Het project duurt van 17 t/m 30 juni.

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The volunteers will prepare the castle, the material and the Gers (aka yurts, are large Mongolian Nomad tents, almost as comfortable, and at least as cosy, as a house). During the first week the volunteers will stay in our home-base, a small castle and will prepare all the material for the vacations: complete, inventorize, test, repair, prepare and load the material for the vacations. The second week will be on location in the field where the Ger-vacations will be held. During this week we will build from scratch the Gers in a remote grassland: build wooden floors, setup the gers with the aid of a Mongolian guide, set-up kitchen facilities, the showers, … . We start living on an empty field, and build our own village to live in. A big part of the workload will be practical and fysical.
During the first week of the project the volunteers will stay in our central base, Heiberg, which is a small castle. For the second week we’ll stay in the Gers in the rural area. During the build up of the Gers, life will be mainly outside in the field. The facilities during these first days will be very basic, the first night might be in small tents
Koning Kevin is a youth organization which envisions the playfull stimulation of a responsible and animated attitude in children and youngsters. Koning Kevin organizes creative activities in different artistic areas like dance, theatre, music, graphics, multimedia and play/games. During the summer Koning Kevin organizes about 40 creative vacations (camps) for children and youngsters till 26years old. Apart from this, we provide trainings for guides in youth work. Koning Kevin wants to stimulate a society-oriented personality, an awareness of the intercultural community and the participation in it. For this the work with international volunteers during the start-up of our summer-program is an asset.
– We expect people with an open mind for our organization, who are willing to engage in the group and who want to contribute to the project through specific tasks done in a responsible manner. – The Gers are made out of horsehair and other natural materials. For this pulling up and living in the Gers is quite unpleasant for people with allergies to one of the materials. When doubt, contact us
Sometimes the summer in Belgium can be pretty cold so don't forget to take some warm strong cloths that can get dirty.

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