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Samen met 14 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 15 dagen naar een kunst en festivalproject.
Het project duurt van 30 juni t/m 15 juli.

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Building a festival is a challenge but a very rewarding one! It is important to know that it comes with a lot of hard physical work. The material will be delivered on trucks and under guidance Na Fir Bolg will be build up from scratch. This means, setting up the tents, arranging the water and electricity supply, put fences around the festival ground, stages, back stage, kitchen, bar,… basically everything you need for a festival. During the festival itself, you can help out by helping behind the bar and the children animation. The most important task however is to enjoy the festival! Afterwards the festival has to be broken down and the field cleaned up.
Accommodation will be arranged close to the festival grounds. Volunteers are asked to bring their own sleeping bag and mattress. Limited sanitary facilities are provided in the house, but for more comfort we’ll cycle to the local sports center to shower everyday as well. Access to internet will be limited.
Na Fir Bolg is a three day family oriented folk music festival. The first edition of this festival was organized back in 1994, as a fund raiser for environmental and North-South organizations. Through the years the festival grew. Nowadays there are two big stages that provide a variety of local and international folk music. More than 10.000 visitors come to enjoy the friendly atmosphere. The spirit of the festival hasn't changed with the growth. People involved are all volunteers, committed to bring an alternative to the big commercial festivals. The benefits from the festival are still donated to a good cause. This year the festival itself takes place from 6 till the 8th of July.
The volunteers take part in the entire festival, this means building up and the breaking down the festival afterwards. The group of international volunteers does the same tasks as the other volunteers. Apart from bringing your own sleeping bag and mattress, not much is required, just some working clothes and good shoes, basic biking skills but above all a lot of enthusiasm!
Vegetarian food is available

Na Fir Bolg Festival


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