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Samen met 23 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een natuurproject.
Het project duurt van 15 t/m 29 juli.

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The workcamp programme is structured in technical actions in the terrain, ludic and leisure activities, excursions to get to know the surround (the village, the town, the natural environment, the community, etc.). The daily tasks, like cooking will be done in small groups and will concern the elimination of the vegetation which is invading the torrent area, the reforestation of the riparian environment, the removal of the residues, the adequacy of banks and slopes and the arrangement of access to the torrent’s area and its signaling. There will be also workshops focused on learning how to re-use the canes extracted. The technical work will be done in the mornings, approximately from 9:00h till 12:30h. The rest of the day will be spent in ludic and leisure activities.
The participants will be hosted in the school building Escola de la Canonja. The space is adapted to sleep in an wide room with mattresses. The room is also furnished for group and leisure activities. There will be an adapted infrastructure to cook and to the personal hygiene (toilets and showers).
Visits, routes and excursions to the surroundings (natural places, village, cities, etc.). Visit to Tarragona, for discovering its cultural and historic heritage. Games and leisure group dynamics. Swimming pool and beach activities, sports activities. Weekend excursion to Siurana, in order to promote natural and human values through the discovery of the country and its population.
La Canonja 3 – People, landscape and ecological sustainability is an association of people of La Canonja that develops projects and activities to ensure better protection of the environment in this municipality in Tarragona. The municipality of La Canonja has to deal everyday with issues such as the disintegration of the territory landscape, the accumulation of dirt in La Canonja surroundings, noise pollution, lack of green spaces, and the coexistence with chemical industry. This is why the organization "La Canonja 3" works on education and environmental awareness and tries to improve the environment management.



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18 t/m 99 jaar

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