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Samen met 18 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 11 dagen naar een restauratie en sportproject.
Het project duurt van 23 juli t/m 3 augustus.

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The workcamp takes place in Solivella, located in the Conca de Barberà County. The workcamp goals are to recover the agricultural industrial estate set, with its headquarters and winery, discover the culture of Conca de Barberà County and last but not least, raise awareness among local people of heritage protection. The work Recovery and rehabilitation of the old headquarters and winery of the Agricultural Syndicate, which had cinema, theatre, recreation room, courtyards, office, projection room and laboratory. First of all, the volunteers will begin to rehabilitate the entrance, the recreation room, the courtyard and the toilets. The technical work is divided into 4 phases: 1st phase: Western entrance rehabilitation, recreation room, courtyard and toilets. 2nd phase: Recovery of the old offices and laboratory. 3rd phase: Recovery of the theatre and cinema. 4th phase: East entrance recovery and projection room. The volunteers will also work for the Solivella main festival, which is organized by many city entities, like sports association or Rigor Mortis, a local group of people who dress up like devils and light fireworks during the most important city celebrations.
The annexed building of Escola Sagrat Cor, which has a big room with beds and a smaller one where the volunteers can put their personal belongings. Sleeping bag needed.
Many games and workshops will be suggested for the leisure time. The volunteers will be free to use the swimming pool and to participate in many activities also during the night.
The Fundació Escolta Josep Carol was born helped by Escoltes Catalans to give an educative proposal for the childhood and the youth, which is based on the transmission of values from the complete education of the individual, trying to harmonize the three fundamental lines: social, intellectual and physical. The foundation develops a set of training programs for educators; educational activities for childhood and youth, seminaries of debate and reflection, as well as book publishing, thematic interest documents; educative projects directed to specific groups; spaces of search of information canalized from its documentation and resources center and many other initiatives. In order to make all these projects possible, the Fundació Josep Carol structures itself in different departments: Forca school, training services, Education Services of leisure, that develops most of the educational activities directed to the childhood and the youth, Estiu Jove that has a wide choice of activities for youngsters during the summer. Therefore, the Foundation works to promote the values of democracy, laicism, Catalan national identity, coeducation, commitment, critical thinking, honesty, solidarity, participation and appreciation for nature.



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Aantal vrijwilligers

18 t/m 99 jaar

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€ 20



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