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Samen met 13 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een constructie en natuurproject.
Het project duurt van 28 juli t/m 11 augustus.

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The Volunteers crew will work outside, especially to restore the surrounding wall of the Abbey: cleaning the wall, weeding, and pruning, painting benches… BEWARE: This workcamp is based on manual and outdoor tasks which might be sometimes hard.
Volunteers will stay in bedrooms for two. Shower and toilets will be available on the same floor. On the ground floor, you’ll have your private living room that you can use for the evening and free time. The food will be provided by the community. Thanks to inform us in advance if you have a special diet.
Maredret (25km of bigger cities as Dinant and Namur) is a traditional village; most of the houses are built in stones of the country, extracted during decades of the local quarries. Maredret is a small jewel set in the Molignée’s Valley. This region is considered for the beauty of its landscapes and its natural resources. It’s very close of the touristic place of Maredsous.
The non-profit organization of “Abbaye des Saints Jean et Scholastique” is directly connected with the Maredret’s Abbey, a high patrimonial and cultural value of Belgium. This partnership is built on the will to preserve the patrimonial heritage and create dialogue between volunteers working for a pluralist association and a local catholic community, each person being accepted with his/her convictions and personal point of view. Beside its spiritual life, the association organizes activities and creative workshops for everybody interested. The main part of the activities, as Yoga, Gregorian music, vegetable and fruits gardens, gold coating,… try to offer appropriate place to facilitate the exchanges and to feel relaxed. The well preserved area surrounding the abbey with gardens, orchards, and plantation contributes a lot to this peaceful atmosphere. Website:
There will be limited Internet access during the camp, available just from time to time. Participation to monastic life (daily mess, …) is never compulsory. Obviously, volunteers will be individually free to join some public celebrations in case of wish or personal interest. While promoting this workcamp in a catholic monastery, CBB insists on its pluralist values. This project offers to the volunteers the opportunity to work on a site with high patrimonial and cultural richness. We also see it as a nice opportunity to learn and develop awareness to interfaith dialogue and understanding. It is an alcohol free camp.

Abbaye de Maredret




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14 (7 mannen en 7 vrouwen)


18 t/m 99 jaar



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