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Samen met 19 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 6 dagen naar een landbouw en constructieproject.
Het project duurt van 5 t/m 11 augustus.

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The tasks include: rebuilding a wall from natural stones with stone baskets in steep area. Around 8 volunteers will work on that. Another group will prepare mainly vegetarian food on our firewood stove (local vegetables and dairy products available from the farmer; the rest will be brought by horse or donkey from the valley). Yet another group can help our farmer Uta in hay harvesting. Work tasks can be rotated among volunteers and need to be planned spontaneously according to the weather conditions. Due to the heat work starts early and there is a long siesta after lunch.
Simple accommodation in a dormitory – bring your own sleeping bag. Narrow mattresses, woollen blankets and pillows available). Compost toilet, running cold but not hot water in the house, outdoor shower in the nearby forest with cold water only ~10 C°+ (if the summer is very dry the shower may run out of water). Hand washing clothes with hot water from the wood stove is possible. No internet & cell phone coverage. Landline phone is available for emergencies.
Alpe Loasa is a full-year organic mountain farm in southern Switzerland, at the Italian border. The farm is remote from cities or villages, accessible only by walking / horse riding, with frugal accommodation. In 2015 a part of a wall sustaining the terrace on which the house is built slid down the valley. We need to rebuild the wall with simple tools in cooperative work.
You should be able to appreciate a simple, frugal life in a community. A good physical condition is necessary. You'll also need to bring robust boots, working clothes & gloves, sun protection. In return of the work and the remoteness of the site, we offer an intense community experience. In return of the work and the remoteness of the site, we offer an intense community experience.
Keep in mind that often the work on a farm can be monotonous and physically demanding causing even muscle ache. But it is also astonishingly satisfying. Please check high prices of public transportation within Switzerland before you apply for the camp to avoid cancellations.

Mountain Farm Loasa Cooperative (Bruzella TI)


CH-SCI 10.4


Soort werk

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Aantal vrijwilligers

18 t/m 60 jaar


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