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Samen met 7 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 9 dagen naar een festival en constructieproject.
Het project duurt van 9 t/m 18 juli.

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You will help with the preparation, building up and the deconstruction of the event, together with the local volunteers. You will all together build the whole festival infrastructure and the organisation of festival stations (bars, backstage area, stage area, entrance area, kitchen, customer area). During the festival weekend there are different kinds of work like barbecuing for the festival kitchen, taking care of the bars, cleaning of the festival site, responsibility for the camping site or backstage support. There will be a shift plan during the festival, so you work in shifts depending on your skills, motivation and the needs of the organiser. You will be working together with a large group of locals. The festival gets up to 140 volunteers involved in different stages of the event.
There will probably be a change this year, an update will follow. Last year it was shared tents next to the lake, public toilets are nearby. Shower is available within a short walking distance (5min). Access to internet is not guaranteed and electricity access is limited. Most of the time you will eat all together with the local organizers. Probably sometimes you will cook / have a barbecue with the SCI-volunteers only. You need to bring your own sleeping bag & mat.
The project is a music festival, which is organized by a group of local volunteers annually. The festival started out 20 years ago and grew gradually into a national event with around 1300 visitors from all over Switzerland. The organizer is a non-profit association. The festival has an important influence on the local community as it outnumbers the town’s inhabitants by 1.5 times. It started as a youth project at the beginning and now it is one of the main cultural events of the region. The success is built on the voluntary work of everybody involved in the organisation of the festival and the strong integrative character.
Good swimming skills are required for safety reasons!
Keep in mind that on a festival workcamp the workload is rarely distributed evenly throughout the week or even during the day. There is enough work to do for everyone but it also takes initiative from the volunteers to find tasks to carry out. And be aware of that there might be consumption of weed (cannabis) around you. It is highly recommendable for volunteers not to consume weed during working time for safety reasons and insurance issues.

CH-SCI 12.1


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