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Samen met 14 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 21 dagen naar een restauratieproject.
Het project duurt van 3 t/m 24 augustus.

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The roman tiles are in poor condition, so it will be your job to replace them, which will ensure that the roof is waterproof. There are also some cracks in the structure that destabilize the wall, so you will reinforce it. Be aware that you will work on scaffolding.
You will be accommodated in tents around a soccer stadium with access to cloakrooms, toilets and showers. You will have access to a building with a kitchen for everyday use. You will prepare the meals in shifts and participate to the organisation of the collective life (planning, cleaning, shopping, etc.). We will encourage the purchase of local and seasonal products.
In the heart of the Armagnac countryside, Saint-Martin and its surrounding villages offer unique architecture that you can appreciate in your spare time. Furthermore, three of the most beautiful villages of France are just nearby: Montreal-du-Gers (34km), Fources (39km) and Larressingle (39km). Saint-Martin d’Armagnac is close to the charming city of Eauze, capital of Armagnac, and also to Mont-de-Marsan. During the summer, you can enjoy various local markets, or relax at a nearby lake in the forest of Aignan.
Saint Martin of Armagnac is a small, charming town in the west of the Gers department. Come discover the village’s many little treasures, including the hilly, wooded landscape with its beautiful vineyards and the Gallo-Roman vestiges near a 16th-century castle. The Camasa Association advocates for the preservation of the village’s heritage and in particular the restoration of one of its churches, the Church of Castagnet. This building is made of raw earth and magnificent stones from a nearby village.
Bring working clothes and shoes (waterproof if possible, in case of rain). Bring a warm sleeping bag and a good camping mat (for sleeping in the tent); nights can be chilly and wet. Tents will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own. Do not hesitate to bring activities from home, such as photos, games, musical instruments, food etc. Foreigners from the European Union must bring their personal EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), and all participants must bring their insurance certificate. If health issues arise during the program, volunteers will need to cover all costs; they will be reimbursed upon their return to their home country.
Meeting point: Lanne-Soubiran bus stop or Eauze train station. Closest airport: Toulouse or Bordeaux airport.

SAINT-MARTIN-D ARMAGNAC – Rehabilitation of the church of Castagnet




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Aantal vrijwilligers

15 (7 mannen en 8 vrouwen)


18 t/m 99 jaar


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