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Samen met 14 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 8 dagen naar een festival en cultuurproject.
Het project duurt van 8 t/m 16 juli.

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We are looking for volunteers to help run the festival through a wide range of tasks relating the implementation of the festival: 09/07/18 – 11/07/18 – preparational works 12/07/18 – 14/07/18 – festival running related tasks (on optional field) – administration, cooking, clean-up, programme coordination, technical implementation, programme documentation (taking photo, videos, uploading them on our social media platforms and website), communication (text writing in english), running info-points 15/07/18 -16/07/18 – afterworks The workcamp volunteers will join to the group of 140 local volunteers who are working on the festival.
Volunteers live in tents during the festival. We provide 3 meals/day for our volunteers (breakfast, dinner, lunch – hot meal).Vegetarian option is available/every meal. We provide all equipment needed to fulfill your tasks, with few exceptions (e.g. if you would like to work as a photographer volunteer, you should bring your own devices).
Bánk is a tiny village in Nógrád County with its not-so-tiny Lake Bánk in the middle. It has everything a tiny village built around a lake could need: a small store, a tobacco shop, a pizza place, a pub, some hotels, motels and a lakeshore eatery. Plus the extremely friendly locals. Bánkitó Festival has been in town for 10 years, mostly around the Lakeshore and the Camp, though throughout the years, we ventured out to settle around the Reeds and the Meadow. Besides the lake, the small wooden cabins and the venues hiding around small clearings throughout the enclosing forest make Bánkitó the festival it is. About the Festival: Music Progressive, contemporary, constantly renewing. These are the words we could use to describe the philosophy behind Bánkitó’s yearly music lineup. The formula remains unchanged but with the addition of international bands, the festival’s programme is better than ever. Our goal is to bring together neighbouring artists and showcase the freshest and most exciting bands of the European music scene. At Bánkitó this year, you can listen to others’ next year favourites. Civil society and culture The civil/cultural programmes at Bánkitó always poke at an important, actual and sometimes risky topic. Like in the past years, we will work towards understanding issues of world and society together with activists from NGOs, musicians, actors and artists. This year, our topic is ‘28 and the future it’s going to bring for us. Which will rule our lives, solar-paneled mobile homes or robotic duck overlords? And which do we have to fight against? How much more modern can modern art get? And most importantly, how will these affect our society? Theatre As an independent theatre showcase festival, Bánkitó wants to present those contemporary Hungarian theatre pieces that tell us something about ourselves, the people around us and our society as a whole. Those pieces that everyone has to see, whose effects will linger on with the audience long after their end. Last year, the theatre tent had great success running full house throughout the festival. Hopefully, this year will be no different. Art A contemporary art exhibition on 80,000 square meters of land. It’s hard to create a space where artists, their art, the message and the audience exist together at the same place, at the same time, with thousands of people. Bánkitó is such a space. Hungary’s most exciting contemporary artists will transform the shores of Lake Bánk into an art exhibition once again. Nonprofit Festival Bánkitó is not just entertainment. We look at our festival as a social enterprise that is capable of bringing attention to unduly neglected topics and raising awareness in the public’s consciousness. We provide appearance to a number of NGOs so that thousands of people can get to know causes to stand behind as conscious citizens. All this around the picturesque Lake Bánk, a one-hour car ride or half-day bike trip away from Budapest.
Bánkitó is Hungary’s biggest independent, socially conscious, cultural and community festival with a wide range of programmes throughout its four days in the summer from music through theatre to contemporary art. The 4-day long festival is located in the countryside and hosts 8000 visitors each year. It offers concerts, theater performances, exhibitions, civil initiatives, workshops, and round-table discussions about social justice issues, human rights, and the experiences and cultures of minorities. Next year, Bánkitó will take place for the 10th time in Bánk, a small Hungarian village 60kms away from Budapest. The programme of the festival is always organized around a common theme. In 2018, the topic will be 2028, and the future – of Bánk, of Hungary, of the world and the society we live in. More info: https://bankitofesztival.hu/?lang=en
Please send us a motivation letter focusing on why you would choose to work on the festival, and in which position of the listed above, what kind of related skills or previous experiences you have had at the chosen field. You do not need any special skills to volunteer at the festival.
Every volunteer is working 6 hours/day at the festival, the time remaining is free for visiting programmes, etc. Please include in your motivation letter what fields you would like to work on during the festival, but you should know, that your final position will be decided by our volunteer coordinator. We place huge emphasis on finding every volunteer the personally most fulfilling task We will provide a practical info sheet for our international volunteers containing all transport & venue information, etc. Latest arrival at the venue is 08/07/18; 18:00, earliest departure is 16/07/18; 14:00.



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