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Samen met 9 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 16 dagen naar een landbouw en natuurproject.
Het project duurt van 21 juli t/m 6 augustus.

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The tasks that will be done to support the fair are: – Preliminary work: construction of infrastructures, organization of workshops, preparation of the space of the orchard, drawing up posters, dissemination of previous events, thinking about activities or workshops that the volunteers themselves can lead and prepare …etc. – During the fair: assembling, doing the workshops, supporting the activities, cooking, caring, watching, explaining, disseminating and helping at the end of the day. – After the fair: disassembly, evaluation, other tasks to recondition the space. If after or before the fair the group wants to participate in tasks in Pipirimosca space, horticultural, recycling or space habilitation tasks can be done, as well as being able to visit other projects.
The volunteers will sleep in a room inside the house. Outside the house there are two sinks and four showers. The toilets are compostable and the composting of the feces is done in a hygienic and ecological way. The showers have hot solar water. The food is cooked for everyone who is on the farm. Organizing leaflets or tasks in the kitchen will be done in a group. The food that is cooked is from the own resources of the farm and the exchange with local producers: vegan, ecological and local. And most of the food that is eaten is produced today, adapting the diet to seasonal production.
Valls, Tarragona.
Can Pipirimosca is a non profit project where agriculture, far from being the main objective, is the medium that allows the organization of cultural activities. Can Pipi functions as a self-sufficient farm where sharing, multiculturalism, coexistence, respect for the environment, personal growth and education are the ultimate goals. We welcome all volunteers who are open to experience an alternative way of life of sustainability and cultural exchange, and are motivated to learn and share with others. We want to do a fair for the planet, about sustainability and respect for the environment. You can also do some tasks at the Pipirimosca farm and visit other projects. But the main theme of the field would be the fair, which we have called Incredible Sustainable.
Motivation letter is required. You need to bring a sleeping bag. It is necessary to warn the volunteers, in order to avoid misunderstandings, that the conditions are very basic due to the philosophy of the project to reduce the impact on the planet and to take advantage of local resources (including cooking with wild plants, dry washbasins, etc).
In order to encourage contact and exchange, volunteers are expected to participate in: – 22nd at night: spectacle of the end of a course of shadows at the monastery of Stes Creus. – Firagost (July 31, August 1). – Major festivals in the surrounding area. – Excursion to the mountains, to other projects or some other place. Children and families are welcome, but it´s not a family camp, so your children maybe will be the only ones there. People with reduced mobility can join the camp, even it's not 100% accessible with wheelchairs. Anyway, we can speak about it!

Incredible sustainable: fair for a more resilient society


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