Spanje | Kunst en natuur

Samen met 3 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 13 dagen naar een kunst en natuurproject.
Het project duurt van 9 t/m 22 september.

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Production and training in order to create musical instruments and crafts made from wood of the Agave (or Pita) in a sustainable and careful way with the environment. As well as doing some gardening and botanical activities
Self-sufficient house with living room, 3 bedrooms and one large bathroom.
Molinos del Río Aguas, Sorbas. Almería.
“ESCUELA PITA del Río Aguas” is a non-profit association located in the Natural Area of 'Karst, Yesos de Sorbas' (Almería), which was founded in 2008 by the artisan / Lutier and musician Tim Bernhardt, together with a small collective. Focusing on music, nature and sustainability, our school is dedicated to environmental arts education. We organize a series of activities such as routes, thematic visits and workshops. We invite you to learn about a way of life that respects the environment, living in our self-sufficient house, with all the comforts of a home, dealing with topics such as sustainability, renewable energies and resources, and music. We encourage musical creation in an artistic space surrounded by pure nature.
It would be good if the volunteer knows how to work with Wood. Team work is essential!

ESCUELA PITA. Environmental Arts Education Camp


ES-MAD 11.1


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21 t/m 99 jaar


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