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Samen met 1 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 16 dagen naar een sociaalproject.
Het project duurt van 15 t/m 31 augustus.

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The volunteers will share the daily life and activities in the Centre divided in three main chores: •Giving a hand in the kitchen and in the dining-room or laundry, renovation, painting, cleaning and maintenance. •Joining workshops, group dynamics, and outdoor visits. •Socializing with the guests.
Own room at the centre, shared bathroom, basic conditions.
Salamanca (Castilla y León Authonomy)
CARITAS-Salamanca runs a home/centre for homeless adult people where they offer not only temporary shelter but personalized approaches for achieving self-autonomy and wellbeing. They welcome volunteers to enhance the social life of the centre and give in return a further vision of the meaning of poverty and social exclusion in so called rich countries. Volunteers greatly value the opportunity to show their solidarity and better understanding of a complex problem which is usually invisible in our society.
We are looking for a volunteer with sufficient teamwork abilities, compromise with exclusion topics and is a dinamic and proactive person. Experience in previous social workcamps or with excluded collectives will be a plus. We need a motivational letter in order to understand why you would like to join this camp.
Drinking alcohol or smoking in the centre is strictly forbidden.

Padre Damian. Social centre for homeless


ES-MAD 5.4


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22 t/m 99 jaar


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