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Samen met 11 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een natuur en constructieproject.
Het project duurt van 16 t/m 30 juli.

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The work will be mainly at the community house. The volunteers will help with physical work and with their creative ideas to improve the nature protection pathway in the garden with new elements. They will also help to improve and nurture the herb garden. Besides they will plan and organise activities for the local children and take part in the local music camp on the second week of the workcamp. In case of bad weather conditions the volunteers will take part some creative work with the children inside the building. The workcamp and so the volunteers will help to broaden the knowledge of the local children about other cultures, about our world.
Accommodation will be optional: either in a big room or in a bigger or a smaller size tent. The house has a well-equipped kitchen ideal for big groups to cook, eat and spend time together. There is an outside oven as well. The volunteers will cook for themselves; they will have vegetarian ingredients, unless there is a strong need for non-vegetarian food. There is an outside shower in the garden which is ideal in the hot summer, but in case of bad weather an indoor shower is also provided.
Boróka House is located in Nógrád County in Diósjenő. The House works as a community place and child welfare center since 2015. The main focus of the association is to spread the idea of environmental protection and environmental awareness. Other important topics are cherished as well as traditions and community development. The House gives place regularly to traditional and handicraft workshops for the local people. One of the missions of the association is to give opportunity for the local, underprivileged children to get familiar with the topic of environmental protection through a non-formal way of education and also to get to know the diversity of the nature and the cultures in the world by ensuring theme focused free time activities.
Please be prepared for the physical work and the living conditions! Bring some clothes which are good for gardening work, probably it will get dirty. Bring your own towel and a sleeping bag if it is possible – if not please let us know and we will get one for you. Feel free to write about your ideas – about elements for the pathway or activities for the children.
Please bring some instruments or tools from your home country to get to know each other’s culture during the two weeks. And bring your energy and positivity; you will get a great experience in return!

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