Duitsland | Restauratie en constructie

Samen met 9 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 15 dagen naar een restauratie en constructieproject.
Het project duurt van 7 t/m 22 juli.

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The community of Willstaett needs your help in three different areas this year: Expanding the grounds in front of the “Bauhof” (builder’s yard), which includes preparing the ground and paving it. Other tasks for the work camp group include re-painting BBQ huts and the maintenance of public green spaces. You will work together with the staff of the Bauhof.
The work camp will be accommodated in a building of the fire brigade with all sanitary facilities, camp beds and a kitchen provided. Please bring your own sleeping bag.
The community of Willstaett contains several villages with, all in all, around 10.000 inhabitants. It is situated in the beautiful southern part of Germany, close to the border of France. It is characterised by its beautiful architectural style. With its spectacular waterfalls, castles, and nature, there is also plenty to see and discover in the landscape close to the Black Forest. German cities like Freiburg or Karlsruhe are not too far away and well worth seeing; the French city of Strasbourg also offers a wide range of cultural events.
The community of Willstaett invites an international workcamp for the 9th time already! They are very happy to be supported by a group of volunteers again to help with different renovation and maintenance tasks in the town.

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