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Samen met 14 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 20 dagen naar een natuurproject.
Het project duurt van 22 juli t/m 11 augustus.

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Protect the nature and support the natural CO2 storage! The main task will be in the moors: Under the supervision of several Park Rangers you will realise different measures to keep the water in the moors and to undo the drainage of the area by blocking or filling ditches or by building small wooden barriers. You will be able to discover many rare species which already returned. In addition you will work on the game park of Wildenburg Castle. Here you can find wolves, deer, wild boars, wildcats, mouflons and many other animals. Your task will mainly be to renew wooden fences and elements to protect small trees from damage through the animals. Attention: The work might be physically hard and you will get wet and muddy for sure! Please bring hiking boots, rubber boots and working clothes.
You will stay in the community centre of Deuselbach. The accommodation is spacious, has a huge kitchen including a dish-washer and a living room, toilets and showers. There is one big sleeping room with camping beds.
The workcamp will take places in the western part of RP. You will stay in Deuselbach, a small village with 160 inhabitants. The local villagers are very much interested to welcome you, many parties and events will happen. Deuselbach has a pub but no shops. The next bigger village (Thalfang) is 4km far, here you can find everything you need (shops, swimming pool…). There are also many tourists in the area as it is well known for hiking all over the year and for skiing in winter. The next bigger city it Trier (40 km), the oldest Germany city with many Roman sights, a huge cathedral and plenty of this to do (vineyard, shopping, clubs…). For sure you will visit Trier, but due to the poor public transport the number of excursions will be very limited.
The National Nature Park Hunsrueck-Hochwald is the newest German National Park to protect nature. The park was just founded in 2015. The landscape is dominated by huge forests, steep hills, small brooks and ponds, rocks and moors. Only small hamlets interrupt the nature, a perfect region for plenty of different species but also for hiking. Within this National Park you will work under the supervision of several Park Rangers to care for special moors situated on the slopes of the hill. These moors are an important and valuable natural CO2 storage. Most of them were drained with ditches in the last century to use it as forests. The rangers use different measures to bring back the special character of this place and keep the water in the marshes. Many different species (especially amphibians and special plants) already returned. This workcamp will continue this mission and will take place in cooperation with the National Nature Park Hunsrueck-Hochwald and the Foundation for Nature and Environment RP. As second task you will support the maintenance of the game park situated in this National Nature Park.
This is a special project for nature lovers and people interested in nature protection work. You will get wet and dirty.

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