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Samen met 13 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een constructie en gehandicaptenproject.
Het project duurt van 18 augustus t/m 1 september.

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This summer we would like to offer projects around all our animals of the farm. We would like to renew the fencing of some of the grazing fields. Another project will be creating a new open hut for the goats in their field. Our chicken houses will need more space and we will build a connection. And the sheeps stable also needs some tender loving care. If it is very hot a short walk to our wood stream Lohbach or a longer walk to the River Wupper will offer some cooling. A wonderful bathing lake is within a short car drive and perfect for an evening swim on those hot summer nights. Volunteers are invited to contribute peace signs in their language to our peace column. It also has become a tradition that some of you paint our benches and tables with sceneries from your countries. We love them all. Study: Participants will be part of the community on a day to day basis and especially some evenings when the summer evenings invite to BBQ gatherings. Organic Farm live and especially day to day animal care will be integral part of the project. Additionally, the participants will have the opportunity to see therapeutic riding and are invited to share their knowledge from their countries.
Accommodation of the participants will be in bigger and smaller tents. In case of extended bad weather a big barn will also be available. A community kitchen with 2 showers and toilettes is close by. Please bring your own sleeping bags, sleeping mats (if possible) and towels. Please be aware that nights in this region can be quite fresh!
The farm village Kotthausen is 295 m above the sea level. Kotthausen has been mentioned first in medieval times around 1350. The region “Bergisches Land” is famous for its wet weather but has an amazing beautiful nature with stunning skies. Kotthausen is at the end of a small road tucked away from any big roads. The Jacobs pilgrim way passes through our lands. The nearest town is more than 6 km, but there is a small shopping centre a 15 minute walk away. And the best ice cream café is just a 30 minute walk away and worth the while. Close by is a beautiful castle, “Schloss Burg”, and Wuppertal with its cable railway is also a visit worth. Stunning big lakes invite for swimming break if the weather allows it.
The organic farm community “Kotthausen” consist of approximately 50 hectare farm and grazing land, woodlands, different farm buildings and 5 houses build in regional style. The community consists of a variety of people, with different abilities, wishes, dreams and special capabilities. Currently we have 11 children and 25 adults living in our village. Chicken, sheep, goats, horses, cats and dogs are an integral part of our community and part of our voluntary community work. Inclusion with disabled people is part of our living and working within the community, farming as well as our organic food delivery organisation, “Biokiste”. For further information please see http://www.hof-kotthausen.de/
After registration, we require a self-declaration concerning the children and youth protection.
After registration, we require a self-declaration concerning the children and youth protection. We ask for a respectful behavior towards the various people with disabilities of all ages and towards animals. The project gives a good opportunity to practice German language. Please note: Volunteer will sleep in tents. Please bring sleeping bag with you.



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