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Samen met 11 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een constructie en kinderenproject.
Het project duurt van 25 augustus t/m 8 september.

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In the first day volunteers will get some orientation about the project, the youth club and the surroundings. Together with youngsters of Kelkheim, you will help to redesign and embellish the outdoor area. One of the main tasks will be to construct a shelter and some seating arrangements. So you will help to create a popular spot for the inhabitants of Ruppertshain ! During the time of your stay, the group will take part in an annual city festival called “you and me day”. This celebration is organized by various organisations of the local civil society and will bring together people with different cultural background. Volunteers of the workcamp are invited to give a contribution to this event as well. Study part / Leisure time: Volunters will learn about the concept of youth work in Kelkheim and the integration of inhabitants with various cultural and social background.
Volunteers will prepare and eat their meals in the youth club Ruppertshain and stay overnight in rooms of the former sanatorium for consumptives, called “Zauberberg”, in about 5 minutes walking distance. This building is about 130 years old and named like the sanatorium “Magic Mountain” in the famous novel by the German author Thomas Mann. Today for the inhabitants and visitors it offers space for a wide range of activities in the fields living, working, leisure and health. From the platform of the restaurant one can see big part of the Rhine-Main Region in a great panoramic view. Please bring sleeping bag and isolation sheet.
Volunteers will get free entrance in the local swimming pool and will visit the castle of Koenigstein nearby. There will be a guided tour through Kelkheim and some information about the development of the first democratic institutions in Germany. Heinrich von Gagern, most famous son of Kelkheim, was the first president of the very first German national parliament in 1848. Therefore you will also visit the historic parliament in Frankfurt itself, nowadays it is called Frankfurter Paulskirche. Region: Kelkheim is a small town consisting of some small villages situated around the city center. The municipal area stretches from the plain of the river Main up to the edge of the Taunus mountain range. The village Ruppertshain, venue of the camp, is situated in the higher parts and surrounded by woody hills. Kelkheim ist part of the Rhine-Main Region, there are major cities like Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Mainz nearby.
The youth department of the city Kelkheim is currently running three youth clubs and offers various activities for kids in the region. One youth club is situated in the village Kelkheim-Ruppertshain. It is hosted in the building of the local sports club, called “Schönwiesenhalle”. This building is surrounded by a meadow, which is a popular meeting place for the youth.
After registration, we require a self-declaration concerning the children and youth protection.
After registration, we require a self-declaration concerning the children and youth protection. Please bring workwear and raincoats, sleeping bag, isolation sheet, bathing suit, music, your talents and something specific from your country. Please bring sleeping bag and isolation sheet.



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