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Samen met 8 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 11 dagen naar een restauratie en constructieproject.
Het project duurt van 3 t/m 14 september.

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Volunteers will support the teachers and the parents of the pupils in the manual work needed before the start of the school year. Main work will be maintenance of garden and classroom, including painting, arrange the play area for kids, repair desks, etc.
Accommodation in the school. Volunteers will sleep in inflated matresses in classroom and they will use solar shower. Lunch together with teachers and dinners self-prepared by volunteers with provided food. A kitchen is available for volunteers.
The school is not far from the city centre. Volunteers can join social and cultural life of the city.
The association of the free Waldorf school manages the local school inspired by the principles of Anthroposophy (more info at The school is a community of teachers and pupils families and they all do the necessary works to maintain the school building and garden.
Willing to manual work, sense of initiative is fundamental
Willing to manual work, sense of initiative is fundamental

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