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Samen met 3 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een sociaal en kinderenproject.
Het project duurt van 25 augustus t/m 8 september.

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Volunteers will help in the implementation of activities inside and outside of the centre, and will also conduct own activities. They could run discussions on sensitive issues such as migration, inclusion, acceptance of diversity through games and non formal activities. There is the possibility to present own culture and tradition. Volunteers have to propose activiti(es) they would like to implement, those can be among sport (rugby, football, volleyball, cricket, or other…), outdoor games, art, circus, music, dance, language, or any other activity they wish to do. Knowledge of Italian can be useful for a better interaction with kids but it s not mandatory. Working hours: volunteer will be at the centre from 9:00 till 17:30 – they will support other people during activities, playing with kids, or implementing their own activities, volunteers will also help during lunch time. Activities are not over-demanding during the day and there are chilling moment during the afternoons. Friday afternoons are normally lighter than other days. Saturday and Sunday are free days.
Volunteers will be host in a flat owned by association Ni.Bo. The flat is equipped with all facilities and volunteers will share rooms, kitchen and common space. Volunteers are responsible for domestic chore and are required to follow rules to respect the environment and water and energy waste.FOOD. Lunch is provided at the centre through catering and normally is enough to cover the dinner as well. In addition, fresh food will be available in the flat for cooking. Breakfast will be available too. Unfortunately, due to budget restriction for catering, is not possible to provide vegan food. Cases of allergies, intolerance, pork-free diet, vegetarian diet can be considered.
During free days is possible to sightseeing and visit nearby cities. By train is possible to reach Ferrara, Modena, Florence in 30min; Venice in 1h30min, Milan in 2h, Rome in 2h30min.
Associazione Ni.Bo deals with non formal education, organizing workshops, special programs and meetings with both kids and families in order to find a better shared learning process. The activity we do is important in our society because it offers a different view compared to the classic frontal lesson being a help for children, for their parents and a starting point for insiders to improve themselves constantly and to have a comparison with other educational methods. NI.Bo. association in cooperation with local partners and organizations is managing summer initiatives addressed to local kids from 5 to 12 years old. These activities will be held in parallel in two centres located in two different area of Bologna. INSTABILE is a space renovated by a group of architects which now is used by local groups and organizations for initiative, and social and leisure activities; C.S.PONTELUNGO is a sport centre open to social and leisure initiatives. Activities will be focus on entertainment and to educate children to social inclusion, acceptance of diversity and intercultural environment. Activities will be related to outdoor, music, art, sport, games, etc. Some excursion and afternoon at the swimming pool can be part of the programme.
Minimum age is 21 year old. Previous experiences in the organization of activities for kids are required. Volunteers have to apply by filling a questionnaire.
Minimum age is 21 year old. Previous experiences in the organization of activities for kids are required. Volunteers have to apply by filling a questionnaire.





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