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Samen met 13 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 15 dagen naar een natuurproject.
Het project duurt van 18 augustus t/m 2 september.

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You will help to maintain mountain forests on the edge of the Alps. You will plant small trees to regenerate the forest and achieve a healthy mix of different tree species, which withstand climate change. This way, the forest and maintain its protective functions in the future. You will work surrounded by beautiful nature and learn a lot about the background of a mountain forest. The weather in the Alps can change very quickly and this is why you need suitable clothes: you absolutely have to bring ankle-high mountain boots with a solid sole and a strong tread, as well as good rain gear and sun protection!!! You will work on eight days for 6.5 hours. The trip to your work places (with the minivan) will take an additional 30-45min. Your accommodation is the Rastnock Cabin on the Northern edge of the mountain massif Reiteralpe in 855 altitudes. It is located about 15km southwest from Bad Reichenhall and can be reached easily by car via a partly steep forest road. You will not have to carry your luggage up the mountains. There is a communal space downstairs with tables, chairs and benches, a stove, gas light, gas cooker and tableware. Upstairs there is your mattress dormitory. You have to bring sleeping bags, sheets and pillows for yourself. The outhouse is outside of the cabin. The only way to get water is as well outside of the cabin. As the water is not officially monitored, which means you will have to boil the water before consuming it. The only way to get warm water is to heat it up yourself on the wood-fired oven or to build a solar shower. Please bring biodegradable soap. There is meadow in front of the house where you can play games or sit and look at the stars. — If you are interested, here is a video of the work camp 2013, filmed by the regional TV-station: www.rfo.de/mediathek/Bergwaldsanierung_in_Ramsau-27346.html, the work camp 2014: www.rfo.de/mediathek/38132/Jugendiche_arbeiten_im_Bergwald.html and a report by the Bayerischer Rundfunk about the Camp 2016: http://www.br.de/mediathek/video/sendungen/abendschau-der-sueden/pflanzaktion-berchtesgaden-fichte-100.html — You can find more information about the Bergwaldoffensive here: www.aelf-ts.bayern.de/forstwirtschaft/wald/124635/index.php (These websites are only on German, but you can use an online translation service to translate the content into German).
You will stay in simple mountain cabins with mattresses, outhouse and a well. There is NOT electricity, showers or warm running water. You will cook together.
You will stay in the mountains surrounded by nature, which gives you the perfect opportunity to explore nature and go on hiking trips far away from civilisation. In the evenings you can enjoy the peace and quiet by looking up at the stars in the night sky. There are driveways to the cabins and you will have two vehicles at your disposal. You can visit the salt mine Berchtesgaden or the “Haus der Berge” and the Königssee in the national park Berchtesgaden and the documentation centre Obersalzberg. Bad Reichenhall has an open air swimming pool (also for taking your showers 🙂 ) and there is a train to Salzburg from there. You can find additional information on the national Berchtesgaden on this website: www.nationalpark-berchtesgaden.bayern.de (Englisch: www.nationalpark-berchtesgaden.bayern.de/00_englisch/index.htm), zum Haus der Berge: www.haus-der-berge.bayern.de; salt mine Berchtesgaden: www.salzzeitreise.de (Englisch: www.salzzeitreise.de/?L=1) and the documentation centre Obersalzberg: www.obersalzberg.de (Englisch: www.obersalzberg.de/obersalzberg-home.html?&L=1)
This is a camp for nature lovers! You will live in the forest far away from civilization. The work is physically demanding and will happen on steep terrain.
This is a camp for nature lovers! You will live in the forest far away from civilization. The work is physically demanding and will happen on steep terrain.

Cabin experience in the mountain forest – Schneizlreuth


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