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Samen met 13 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een landbouw en restauratieproject.
Het project duurt van 22 augustus t/m 5 september.

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Among mountains, learn how to green construct with international volunteers. An Opportunity to be reconnected with the nature: recovering the valley, saving the pastoral traditions and living more sustainably. #Sustainability #SardiniaNature #LiveWild #Mountains
International volunteers will work in different activities necessary for the development of natural heritage and to tasks of maintenance and improvement of Bau Mela facilities. Specifically, the tasks of the volunteers will be 1. Construction works; restoring some structures; green building with materials found on site; canalisation works. 2. Synergistic horticulture activities; recovery and cleaning paths; harvesting and processing of wild plants (more/blackberries); daily management of the forest and participation in meal preparation and cleaning of common areas. Volunteers will also help to organize the Musical festival and the celebration of the Sardinian New Year, that is a traditional community feast with rural background.
Volunteers will sleep in tents. Natural toilets and showers are available. Electricity is available from photovoltaic panels in the facility, volunteers can charge devices.
Bau Mela community is in the isolated area of central Sardina. Buses arrives 2.5 km close and pick up service is provided. Train station is Abbasanta, nearest city is Oristano.
The association Bau Mela non-profit organization does most of its business under a mountain area in the heart of Montiferru (Or) from the extreme landscape and natural value . In 2011 within this area it was built a service center that allows the constant presence and volunteer activities in all seasons of the year. Among some of which ordinary and everyday, more of a seasonal nature. Some of the principles that inspire the recovery and enhancement of the valley are synergistic gardening, permaculture, alternative energy, energy saving and development of pastoral traditions. The association also runs a study center on pastoralism and farming practices.
Ready to live in simple conditions, working clothes. Some tasks can be hard work, no internet connection available!
TERMINAL: Cagliari. Better to arrive in the morning for catch the local connections at time.





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