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Samen met 12 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 13 dagen naar een natuur en constructieproject.
Het project duurt van 29 juli t/m 11 augustus.

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The Work Camp consists of different projects all involving manual work and all aiming at restoring and protecting unique habitats. The main projects and their purpose: 200 years ago huge amounts of sand drifted inlands in Thy covering the locals’ fields. To prevent this people planted mountain pine (Pinus mugo), contorta pine (Pinus contorta) and sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) imported from the Alps and North America. Today the sand has stopped drifting but now the plantation forests are spreading across the dune and dune heath. The pine and spruce trees are threatening the very existence of the National Park’s endangered habitats and species. You can help prevent this by cutting down the invasive species of pine and spruce! The habitats of nutrient poor soils have become extremely rare due to the agricultural adding of nutrients. Nutrients need to be removed in order to preserve these rare habitats. We do this by harvesting hay with scythe. The method enriches biodiversity as it increases the living conditions for herbs, butterflies and other insects. At all beaches and shore lines across the globe rubbish is being washed up. Unfortunately the coast of National Park Thy is no exception. We will spend a day at the dunes cleaning it and thanks to our effort large amounts of plastic can be recycled instead of polluting our nature for hundreds of years! A group of volunteers monitor the growth conditions of the rare and red listed species in the national park. We help the volunteers by removing sprouts and trees which are threatening the existence of the rare species. The work days are approx. 6 hours and added to this there will typically be a 1 hour bike ride before and after the work. There will be 2 days with no work each week.
Sleeping facilities: All participants sleep in large tipi tents on primitive military beds. Bring your own warm sleeping bag and an isolating and soft sleeping pad – it can get quite cold during nights. Kitchen + bathroom facilities: At the camp site there is an indoor kitchen, an outdoor kitchen and a fireplace. Free food will be provided for all meals. We will aim at providing organic and local food – if you have any special preferences (e.g. vegetarian) just let us know. You will chop the wood, make fire, cook and clean together. There is a modern indoor shower or you can go for a swim in the nearby lake or bike to the ocean!
The camp site is located in the middle of the national park less than half an hour bike ride from the beach and the cozy fishing- and surf town of Vorupør. The coast line of the national park is world famous for its tremendous surfing and has the nick name, Cold Hawaii. Last summer the small town of Vorupør hosted the World Champion Ship in Stand Up Paddle! If you are more into a relaxing and quiet nature experience then walk along the lonely beaches, go bird watching in the protected Ramsar Site of the national park (Wetland of International Importance) or take a hike in the dune heath scouting for otter, beaver, osprey, sea eagle and the majestic red deer. We also have a few activities planned: A biological plant trip looking for the endangered butterfly Alcon blue and the three different species of the meat eating plant Drosera, Kayaking, sightseeing to the light house and a WWII bunker, biking trip, and eating at home with locals.
Welcome to National Park Thy – Denmark’s largest wilderness! At the camp you will be working for and within National Park Thy. The national park covers 55 km of the coast line along the North Sea. Here waves wash up on the wide beaches, and the wind blows the sand over the high dunes. Behind the dunes is a landscape with dune heaths and beautiful clear lakes. Here you will find some of the most unique habitat types in Denmark, some of which are rare in an international context. At the Work Camp you will work hands on preserving the unique dune, dune heaths and forest ecosystems, while learning about these magnificent habitats! Your hosts will be Cathrine Lykke Sørensen from National Park Thy and Morten Brown Stummann from the Danish Nature Agency. Both Cathrine and Morten have studied forestry and are now working with volunteers. The core ideas of a Danish National Park are both to preserve nature and involve people in order for them to better understand and care for nature. For several years National Park Thy have arranged a work camp for Danish students. And the camp this summer will be the second international Work Camp held in National Park Thy. For more information on National Park Thy: A video made by a previous Work Camp participant:
Be aware that you must: * be able to bike as bicycling will be a common way of transportation at the camp! (we will bike one hour to work and also back again from work) * love being outdoors doing manual work in all kinds of weather (though no experience with this specific kind of work is necessary). * be in shape (to work and bike) * be willing to speak English as this will be the only spoken language at the camp. A motivational letter is required.
This is Scandinavia! Though it is summer you must be ready to cope with heavy rain, strong winds and cold weather. Bring warm clothes (day and night), summer clothes, rain clothes, work clothes (shorts are not good, not even on a warm day as the grass, shrubs and bushes can cut). Good shoes or hiking boots for working in rainy/warm/cold weather. Warm sleeping bag for the cold nights. It is a plus if you are interested in learning more about different habitats and conservation methods. Maybe you are either planning to or already study something related to nature (e.g. biology, geography, forestry). English will be the only language spoken. All participants must be willing and able to speak English, even though being from the same country or having troubles with the English language. Try your best! For more remarks, see SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS



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