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Samen met 6 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een constructieproject.
Het project duurt van 22 juli t/m 5 augustus.

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There will be work outside: Making and fixing different fences, if weather conditions allow it there will be some painting of the sheds or some landscaping.
We offer three summer cabins to the volunteers.
Near Hommelvik in Malvik municipality. It is less than an hour drive from Trondheim, which is Norway`s 3rd largest city, at the shore of a large fjord, Trondheimsfjorden. Beautiful hills and mountains with lots of waterfalls, lakes and rivers surround Jøssåsen Camphill village.
Jøssåsen landsby is a community (village) for and with adults with disabilities. Jøssåsen is a part of the Camphill movement. there are 5 other similar villages in Norway. These communities are based on the teachings of anthroposophy. situated on a biodynamic farm, Jøssåsen has 5 family houses and several workshops. There are app. 50 people living in the community. 3 – 5 villagers plus 3-4 co-workers live in each house. There are also about 10 people from the local community who come to Jøssåsen on a daily basis to do various work. The village property, including all the buildings, land and forest, is owned by the Camphill trust. Jøssåsen is economically supported by the state.
Please, bring a sleeping bag, raingear and warm clothes.
Special community rules that have to be followed during the workcamp: Absolutely no use of alcohol and drugs.

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