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Samen met 9 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 12 dagen naar een constructie en natuurproject.
Het project duurt van 12 t/m 24 augustus.

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The Western part of the ground is characterised by a historical wall from natural field stones. Because of long-time lack of maintenance the upper part of the wall is damaged. Under the guidance of an experiences bricklayer the volunteers will restore the wall. Since the manor’s park was long time out of use it is partly still abandoned. The volunteers will continue the renaturation works that had been started during Workcamps in the previous years – they will cut bushes, level the ground, repair fences and construct new paths. At Gantikow Manor stove heating is used for the cold seasons. Therefore another task for the volunteers will be to cut, split and store fire wood for winter time. Finally, the participants will support the restoration works of the manor by transporting materials where they are needed – as for example to transport bricks to the roof level to repair chimneys.
shared rooms with beds, warm shower and toilets, no washing machines available, The meals will be prepared together as they are part of the community life, what means that everybody will be responsible for the meal at least once during its stay. So it would be very nice if you could bring typical recipes from home in order to introduce each other to the preparation of food from all over the world.
Gantikow Manor is situated 100 kilometres north of Berlin. The house is surrounded by a nice village with a medieval church and a lake. The manor is a picturing example of a former baroque building, changed in the late 19th century in neo-baroque style. Over centuries, the houses belonged to the Earls von Platen, which sold it in 1872 to a civil family which started soon, in 1877, with the modernisation of the house and kept it in their ownership till 1945. After World War II, the house was first used as a refugee shelter and after that the community used the house as a village centre, hosting the community office, the local store, the school, the kindergarten, the doctor's room, the kitchen of the agricultural cooperative and several apartments. With its many rooms the large building is perfect to be used as a Youth Accommodation House. The house is surrounded by a beautiful park with old trees which reached originally up to the lake. Around the Manor house in Gantikow, in the beautiful garden, with its old trees, there is much space for outside activities and leisure time. A small lake is situated nearby the old building, where it is possible to go swimming. And also the surrounding area with its many lakes and unique small towns invites for trips.
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Workcamp Gantikow Manor




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Aantal vrijwilligers

10 (5 mannen en 5 vrouwen)


18 t/m 30 jaar



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