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Samen met 9 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een festivalproject.
Het project duurt van 18 juli t/m 1 augustus.

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Helping hands required for the arrangement of the festival: preparing the park area, landscaping (decorating, painting benches, flowerbeds, cleaning, etc), receiving artists, organizing food and placement of the performers, cleaning the site before and after the festival. During weekends before the event, the volunteers are free to enjoy swimming, or fishing, or hiking, or any other activities they wish. However, the volunteers are expected to stay at the camp during the entire festival: they may be asked to give out meals for the guests and participants, or clean the site, or even participate in the performances taking place onstage The routine may be changed due to rainy weather.
Volunteers will live in hostel made of a former train, 3-4 persons per room. The guest rooms are equipped with shower (shared), hot water and toilets (shared, not in each room). Mattresses, pillows, blankets and bed sheets are provided, but sleeping bags are necessary. Before the festival volunteers will cook by themselves, as soon as the festival begins meals will be available at the local canteen, together with festival guests and staff. During the festival days vegetarian menu is possible, but please do not expect a lot of variety. Note that the volunteers will have cleaning duties throughout the entire stay in the camp. Internet is not available.Please bring comfortable boots for hiking and walks, insect mosquito repellent, a swimsuit, a personal first aid kit. A sleeping bag. You can also bring your favourite music or even some musical instruments.
The festival venue is located near the village of Vorobyevka (Vorobyevka district of Voronezh oblast), next to the border to Volgograd oblast. The nearest big cities are Voronezh and Volgograd, both located 250 km from the venue. It is a remote area, with the closest shop being situated 5 km away from the site. There is no daily transportation to big cities.Leisure: During the festival, the volunteers may take part in the workshops offered by the artists, sometimes they will have to cover costs of materials of the workshop. There will be tours to the city of Uryupinsk and Volgograd. The volunteers may enjoy daily swimming, fishing, walking in the forest and all other pleasures of living a life surrounded by nature.
A fascinating project for nature lovers seeking thrill and adventure Not only will you experience living in rural Russia but also get to take part in a Folklore and Arts Festival organized by LomyPark, managed by the Department of Culture of the municipality district. More information available at: http://lomypark.ruThis annual festival has been held for ten years in the countryside of Lomy, a farmstead surrounded by steppes, and is visited by around 8,000 visitors every year, as well as the musicians and folklore artists from Russia and outside. Not only will you be able to witness the spectacular performances in Russian, but also hear the languages of other nations of the Russian Federation
Motivation letter needed. Volunteers have to able to do a lot of physical work, mostly in the open air.
For those who will arrive in Moscow earlier, we can organise a pre-camp day with a city-tour and nice welcome evening. Please, notify us in advance if you are interested.



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Aantal vrijwilligers

10 (5 mannen en 5 vrouwen)


18 t/m 50 jaar


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