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Samen met 9 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 17 dagen naar een constructie en festivalproject.
Het project duurt van 3 t/m 20 augustus.

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Volunteers are invited to help in the construction of festival objects and preparation of the territory to host many people at once. Working tasks will be mostly outdoors. Volunteers are expected to be resistant to weather changes and physically demanding tasks. The big variety of tasks give opportunity for each volunteer to be helpful.
he volunteers will be provided tents (but not individual tents) and mattes. If you would like to have an individual tent, please bring it with you. Please bring a sleeping bag (it is also possible to buy a quality sleeping bag at the place).Meals will be prepared centralized. Only vegetarian meals are possible. The project organizers involve a lot of volunteers into the preparation of the festival and they are not able to provide meals to all helpers (there will be around 40-60 volunteers during the entire preparation period). The festival has no support from the state or from the big commercial structures. It is self-financed. Therefore, all volunteers (Russian as well as international) are asked to cover 50 of the food costs, which is in total 50 Euro for the camp period.Please, note that the volunteers will have cleaning duties throughout the entire stay in the camp.Warm shower is available in the administrative building, which is located next to the volunteers living area. Phones have instable network coverage. No WiFi. Electricity is available. Showers are heated by sun, banya (Russian type of sauna) and a very clean river is at the disposal of the group. Important On the territory only eco-friendly shampoos and/or bio-soap can be used. Toilets are outdoor, compost type, very simple. Notes: is a preserved area, where alcohol and drugs are prohibited. Smoking is possible only in designated areas.
The settlement is located in the Dzerzhinsky district of the Kaluga region near the villages of Milionki, Luzhnoye and Potapovo. It is located about 40 km. north-west of Kaluga and 25 km away from the district center (village Kondrovo). It is located in an ecologically clean area on the border territory of the national park Ugra. The clean and beautiful Ugra River flows on the 2 km distance. Leisure:During their free time volunteers usually enjoy swimming, fishing, hiking, board games, cultural and international evenings. During the festival the volunteers can join educational events or concerts, workshops on traditional crafts, etc. On one of the free days the group will be offered a trip to the breathtaking art-park Nikola-Lenivets i a big area with huge architecture installations i a famous place all over Russia. Pre-camp days in Moscow will be offered to the group members before the camp start.
The festival of Eco-technologies is one of the biggest events in Russia, which collects people interested in permaculture, sustainable life style, economy of eco-communities etc. The event will be full of lectures and workshops, craft markets and music. It is a space to unite and to share knowledge of experienced people with people who are curious about the interaction of humans and nature, humans and modern industry and its spiritual aspects. Yearly, the festival travels around Russia and in 2018 the hosting area is one of the oldest eco-communities in Russia i the village Milionki (Kaluga region) next to the beautiful national park on the river Ugra.In the morning, everyone can join warm-ups, in the evening – common circles for sharing experiences and ideas with like-minded people. Participants and guests can listen to concerts, dance world dances and traditional dances, sing songs around campfires. Examples of workshops and lectures: – Education for adults and adolescents: how to launch professions of modern times- Technologies for cooperation and creation of a harmonious community- Local currencies and block-chains- Self-employment technologies in the community- Ecological building- Permaculture; organic farming; seedlings; selection; creation of fertility- Ecotechnology and escape from the Consumption Matrix- Resource and energy saving technologies – Natural beekeepingetc. More about the festival history and the program:
Awareness of open air work, living in tents, being helpful and motivated. Open-minded, skilled and active volunteers, who share the values of the festival, are warmly welcome Please take with you a repellent, a personal medical kit and a warm sleeping bag (or buy it at the festival area).We kindly ask you to specify your motivation and desire to take part in the project IN DETAIL.
For those who will arrive in Moscow earlier, we can organise a pre-camp day with a city-tour and nice welcome evening. Please, notify us in advance if you are interested.



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Aantal vrijwilligers

10 (5 mannen en 5 vrouwen)


18 t/m 99 jaar

Lokale bijdrage

€ 50


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