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Samen met 5 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 13 dagen naar een festival en erfgoedproject.
Het project duurt van 31 juli t/m 13 augustus.

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We will have about 25-30 children (aged 10-14) in the camp who will work in groups with volunteers to accomplish the following: Facilitate a cultural exchange between volunteers and local kids in the village. Organize different games for children both fun and educational. Organize activities for children in the village at the summer festival that would take place 11th of August Discuss a vision of what the place may become in the future Record some of the realities and contribute to the cultural website of the village Video-record some of the old people in the village about the past and transformation Organize a group trip to the nearby mountains.
The volunteers will be accommodated in a public facility house near the school. Please bring your own sleeping bag. Volunteers will have to prepare their own breakfast and dinner. Cold lunch is to be served together with kids. The place has showers and kitchen.
This is a third project of its kind in this village after an encouraging experience in previous years. The village is situated in a hilly area about 100 km north from Bucharest. Once with a vibrant rural life, the village had it transition to our days. About a third of the properties are now owned by people from nearby cities who do not actually live there. The number of children dropped dramatically with one of the schools close to its closure. Furthermore, those remaining do not seem to plan a bright future there. This project is an initiative of local enthusiasts with the considerable support of local council. It aims to bring the world closer to them somehow, to strengthen their strive to get good education, give a chance to speak English, understand what is valuable in their village a
Volunteers shall be interested in working with children before all. Should someone be familiar with Internet and IT, will be a great help. Smoking and alcohol drinking will be possible only after finishing program with children. During the first day we shall plan activities for the coming days. Depending on availability, we plan to get volunteers involved in exchange of ideas and crafting the program prior to arriving at the spot. Activities with children will be from 10 am to 4 pm every day except a couple of evenings when we will have evening program as well, possibly as guests. The last two days will serve for evaluation and making some trips around to some attraction points as agreed within the group. Depending on choice, a small contribution to own costs for each participant may

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