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Samen met 1 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 7 dagen naar een cultuurproject.
Het project duurt van 8 t/m 15 juli.

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Participating in the camp activities; making presentation about your country and national culture; it would be especially appreciated if the volunteer knows any original language (or minority language) and could present it. The following activities are in the program of the camp: – Chuvash language lessons for anyone who does not speak it or speak not good enough; – thematic lectures and seminars; – workshops. Specialists in Chuvash folk crafts show and tell about folk embroidery, costumes, woodcarvings and more; – sport activities; – sitting by the fire, and much more.
In tents provided by the hosting organization (own tents are not needed, but volunteers should bring their sleeping bags); access to shower; food will be provided in the canteen of the resort nearby.
The workcamp is situated in Russia, Cheboksary. The volunteers will need to fly (or arrive with any other transport: train, bus etc.) to Moscow and take the train from Moscow to Cheboksary. In Cheboksary the volunteers will be met by the Russian volunteers and move altogether to the workcamp site.
The Chuvash language is the 4th minority language in Russia according to the number of its speakers. However, as all the minority languages, it has it s problems. NGO Haval is trying to solve these problems by organising different cultural and educational events. The summer camp is one of them. The main goal of the camp, is to create a tradition of annual meetings, where people could intensively study the Chuvash language, dive into the language environment, as well as learn about the culture, history and traditions of the Chuvash people through lectures, discussions, trainings, exercises.
The volunteers are expected to be interested in languages and ready for making presentations.The volunteers will get a chance to learn about the culture of this local ethnicity, its history and difference from the Russian Culture. There will be also lessons of Chuvash language. We expect the volunteer to be motivated for getting aquainted with this language and for learning it.
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2 (1 man en 1 vrouw)


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