Tsjechië | Restauratie en festival

Samen met 7 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 7 dagen naar een restauratie en festivalproject.
Het project duurt van 17 t/m 24 juni.

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You will help to get the community centre area ready for a traditional cultural event dedicated to presentations of the local integrated rescue system units (e.g. firemen, police and ambulance), you will also prepare some activities and games for local children to be carried out during this event. You will clean up the area afterwards and help with some maintenance tasks (e.g. cutting grass, removing invasive plants) and renovation of outdoor furniture. Depending on time available, you might also engage in maintaining the hiking and cycling trails located north of the village. Bring working clothes, solid shoes and some fun ideas for activities with children.Study part: You will meet with the local community during the traditional event. You will learn more about the Czech rescue system works.
In the community centre. You will sleep on mattresses in 1 room with a carpet. Bring your own sleeping bag Several toilets and showers are available, in the community centre and the building next door. You will cook your own meals as a group in a kitchen in the centre from food supplies provided by the local partner. No alcohol or smoking is allowed inside the community centre.
Hlasnice (215 inhabitants) in the Olomouc region. It is located 20 km to the west from the city of Olomouc, at the foot of Low Jeseniky Mountains. It is possible that for 1 or 2 days you will work in one of the surrounding villages (according to their interest and needs).Leisure time: You can use sports equipment in the area of the community centre (football, volleyball, tennis), do a barbecue party, go swimming, try horse-riding, visit the nearby historical towns of Sternberk and Olomouc, go hiking to the Jeseniky Mountains and to the Sovinec Castle, etc.Note: The community house is equipped with barrier-free entrance and toilets i project is open to wheelchair users.
This workcamp takes place in a small village of Hlasnice in the northern part of Moravia in cooperation with the local municipality. The village and its citizens try to revive public places for relaxing and leisure activities i the community centre with playground and sports equipment, where they organize various community events. The aim of this workcamps is to help with revitalization of the area around the community center and preparation of a traditional event dedicated to the local integrated rescue system presentations (e.g. firemen, police and ambulance)
This workcamp is perfect for everyone who wants to volunteer in the countryside, to take a part in renovation of public space and is interested in organizing a community event. Allergies notice: pollen.
open to wheelchair users

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