Tsjechië | Restauratie en natuur

Samen met 9 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een restauratie en natuurproject.
Het project duurt van 15 t/m 29 juli.

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The work will be manual and sometimes demanding, it will take place at several locations. In Skalka u Doks the tasks can include: renovation and cleaning of the house, working in a permacultural garden, transporting wood from the forest for winter, maintaining public areas according to the needs of the municipality. In the nearby village of Borejov you will clean the church and prepare it for a special St. Jacob s pilgrim mass, clean the cemetery surrounding the church (especially the abandoned graves of the ancestors of the inhabitants displaced after WWII) and renovate a wall. Finally, you will work in protected meadows where you will rake grass to protect biodiversity in the area. Bring solid work shoes, clothes that can get dirty and a raincoat. All the tasks will depend on the current needs and weather.
In the main building of the traditional house that is under reconstruction, so the conditions are basic. You will sleep on mattresses, but you need to bring your own sleeping bag. There are 2 showers, a washbasin, toilets and an equipped kitchen. You will prepare your own meals as a group; you are invited to prepare a traditional dish from your country when it s your turn in kitchen. Bring simple recipes from home. It s also possible to use the outdoor fireplace.
A small village of Skalka u Doks (170 inhabitants) and its neighbourhood. The village is located in a Protected Landscape Area near the Macha Lake which is a popular tourist attraction. If we work at more distant places, transport by car will be arranged.Leisure time: Visiting beaches of the Macha Lake, evening activities on the beaches and in the town of Doksy, visiting castle of Houska and Bezdez, hiking in the countryside, mushroom and blueberry picking, a barbecue, a party at a fisherman s cottage on the banks of the Macha Lake with a steamboat cruise at sunset. There will be 2 free Saturdays available for a one-day trip.
The workcamp is held for 3nd time in a little village of Skalka u Doks in Northern Bohemia in cooperation with the local NGO The Friendly Hospitality House . Its name refers to the ancient tradition of mutual help of pilgrims. They focus on revival of natural, cultural and spiritual heritage and on personal and community development. They own and renovate a traditional rural house which will one day become a facility for pilgrims, neighbours and volunteers. One part of the house has already been renovated using techniques of natural architecture. The intention is to create a welcoming cultural and crafts centre. This workcamp aims to restore relations between the place and its inhabitants, both of today and the past, mutual understanding and respect.
This workcamp is perfect for curious, open-minded and hard-working people or those who are motivated to be. Please get ready to share your experience and opinions. Allergies notice: there are 2 big dogs living in the house (it is strictly forbidden to feed them).

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