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Dit is een tienerproject (15 t/m 17 jaar). Samen met 9 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 14 dagen naar een natuur en kinderenproject.
Het project duurt van 19 augustus t/m 2 september.

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You will do two types of work i manual and organizational. The manual part will be done in different public areas of the village. The work will vary according to the needs of the municipality. The tasks can include for example cleaning the forest, cutting out invasive bushes, repairing fences that protect the trees or maintaining green areas in the village. For this you will need to bring solid shoes and working clothes that can get dirty or damaged. During the 2nd week you will help with the organization of a local event called Good-bye, summer holidays (Saturday 1st September). You will be asked to prepare various games and activities for local children. This event is organized together with local children (10-16 yo) during suburban children camp which you will meet on regular basis. You will also organize 2 or 3 international evenings where you will present your home towns and countries to the local community, perform some activities (e.g. a dance or a game) and cook a traditional meal.Study part: Meeting the locals during international evenings and the Czech evening prepared by locals where volunteers can learn more about Kysice and Czech Republic. There is a possibility to attend creative workshops or to arrange visit to the local bakery and brewery.
In one big room of a local cultural centre. There are showers, toilets, a small kitchen and a common room with a piano. Please bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping mat as you will sleep on the floor. Lunch will be provided in a restaurant and you will prepare your own breakfast and dinner (1 kitchen team per day). There is no wifi in the building. Please bring simple recipes from your home country.
The village of Kysice near Pilsen. The village has a cultural centre which will serve as accommodation for volunteers. Near the cultural centre, there is a multipurpose playground, a small rope centre and a place for a campfire. In the ground floor of the culture centre, there is a local pub, a small convenience store and a gym. In the surroundings, there are a lot of forests, rivers and ponds with educational paths.Various sports (including golf), football or volleyball tournament with the locals, visit to the city of Pilsen (historical city centre, museum, tower, science centre, zoo), visit to nearby castles, campfire, movies, swimming or hiking.
Kysice is a village about 10 kilometres from the city of Pilsen i the regional capital and the European Capital of Culture in 2015. About 900 inhabitants live in Kysice. It is an active village which emphasises cultural and community life and involvement of its citizens. The municipality of Kysice which is the local partner has organized 6 workcamps so far.This is the third teenage workcamp. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet the locals, especially children and youth but also adults who like to take part in different activities connected to the workcamp. The aim of the workcamp is to enrich the cultural and social life in the village.
Parental authorisation and medical form is strictly required The forms will be provided after the acceptance to the workcamp. We are looking forward to active and communicative participants who like to discover new things and meet new people. You should expect to interact a lot with local children and youth. Please bring some ideas about games and activities for children. If you play any musical instrument, you are welcome to bring it.Participation fee is 85 EUR. The fee covers the main leader s salary, free-time and educational activities, travels within the project and other project costs.We require the volunteers to send it to us directly by a bank transfer. Bank details and deadline for payment will be provided in the acceptance email.
TEEN WC, Parental authorization and medical form needed



SDA 107


Soort werk






Aantal vrijwilligers

10 (5 mannen en 5 vrouwen)


15 t/m 17 jaar

Lokale bijdrage

€ 85


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