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Samen met 6 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 20 dagen naar een restauratie en natuurproject.
Het project duurt van 19 augustus t/m 8 september.

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The work will be mainly manual and outdoors. You will do different gardening works (cutting bushes and grass, raking etc.) and some other renovation and maintenance tasks (around the local kindergarten and primary school). You will also help to prepare a beer festival. Bring solid shoes and working clothes for different kinds of weather. The new school year will start at the beginning of September, so you will have a chance to meet local school children and prepare some presentations about your country and culture. Bring something special from home which could be suitable for such an activity (games, music, pictures, etc.).Study part: You can get familiar with the local history and culture by meeting local community. You will have a chance to learn some basics of golf, there will be a two-hour lesson of golf provided for the volunteers in the golf terrain nearby.
In a local community centre on mattresses. There is 1 room for sleeping and 1 common room with kitchen corner. Please bring a sleeping bag and be ready for basic conditions i the showers are in cabins of the football pitch about 10 mins walk from the accommodation. Some of the meals will be served in the local school canteen and some will be prepared by the group. Vegetarian diet is possible.
Dysina (about 1500 inhabitants) is located at about 10 km from Pilsen.Leisure time: Excursion to Pilsen (European Cultural Capital 2015), trips to the surrounding countryside, visit of cultural and historical sights, campfire, going swimming, doing sports in the sports ground near the accommodation, playing board games, etc.
The workcamp is organized in a small village of Dysina, Western Bohemia, in cooperation with the local municipality. The village has an industrial history and nowadays, there is a strong connection to the personality of the U.S. General Patton who freed Western part of Czechoslovakia at the end of WWII with the troops (there is even a statue of the general in the village). There are several active associations in the village. The aim of this workcamp is to help to maintain green areas and other public places in the village, to organize a traditional beer festival and to prepare local primary school and kindergarten for the beginning of new school year. Volunteers are invited to Dysina for 13th time this year.
Project is suitable for volunteers who like gardening, are interested in getting to know the life of a small Czech village and who are ready to be in tight contact with the local community, especially children and youth.

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