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Samen met 9 andere vrijwilligers ga je voor 7 dagen naar een restauratieproject.
Het project duurt van 5 t/m 12 augustus.

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Volunteers will help with reconstruction works on the building of a historical farmhouse. You will work with wood (preparation of firewood, processing beams etc.), other task will include: construction of stone walls, repairing clay plasters, ground shaping (removal of invasive plants, planting trees and bushes, cutting grass), construction and digging (water drainages, concreting of gutters, repairing gutters and the roof). Reconstruction of the building will be done by using traditional techniques and technologies. We recommend you to bring working clothes and solid shoes which you donaeurot mind to get dirty or damaged.Study part: Exploring Czech history connected with the region, visits of local museums and other interesting sights. Learning about traditional construction technologies. There will be a lecture on the history of the farmhouse and the region.
Accommodation in tents, in the garden next to the farmhouse. Bring your own warm sleeping bag and a camping mats. Tents will be provided by the local organization. Showers are situated in a clubhouse in a nearby farm. Two chemical toilets are available in the farmhouse. Some meals will be provided by the local partner, some will be prepared by the volunteers as a group.
The workcamp takes place in a village of Osik near a historical town of Litomysl in the Pardubice Region. The farmhouse itself is located in the centre of the village. Leisure time: You can visit a nearby rock town, local galleries and museums, a horse farm and an organic farm. You can have a historical tour of the town of Litomysl, visit an open-air museum in a pre-historic village of Krivolik. You can explore the national customs, go swimming or hiking.
This workcamp is organized in cooperation with an NGO Per Arte. The aim of Per Arte is to create inspiring opportunities for intergenerational meetings, activities focused on awaking artistic spirit, and revival of traditional crafts. This organization has a long-term lease of a historical farmhouse from the 17th century which is used as a base for scouts camps, volunteer weekends, and in the future there will also be a space for craft workshops, educational activities and an open-air museum. The aim of the workcamp is to help with reconstruction of the historical building by using traditional techniques. This will prevent further damage by vandals and elements. This workcamp will take place for the first time.
The workcamp is suitable especially for history lovers. Volunteers interested in traditional renovation techniques are welcome. Allergies notice: the farmhouse is a really old building and very dusty. In the area, there can be cats and chicken.

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